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    Looking to buy a Pedaltrain mini.

    So if anyone has one, give me a message.



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      Upgraded Vox AC30CC amp in a Zilla Cabs headshell. It's got Sozo caps, Mercury Magnetics transformers and choke, and some other smaller tweaks to give the top boost channel more headroom and give it a more vintage tone, including the plate resistor mod, cathode bypass cap removal and treble cap mod which results in an amp that takes pedals really well - much better than the stock CC amps. I've also bypassed the standby switch. Comes with a Hot Covers soft cover. It's a great sounding amp and I gigged with it for 3 solid years without it giving me any trouble.

      Looking for
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      UK based band;


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        I want a Mesa Boogie Studio preamp. Pretty please!
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          WTB: Anything by EHX, but mainly Germ4, Memory Boy or Pulsar

          Selling: VOX VT100, Watkins Copicat (SS)
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            Selling a couple of guitars. Would be better to meet to sell these, but if you're keen then we can sort something out. I'll consider trades and offers on these, looking specifically for a telecaster - squier classic vibe custom, thinline or fender classic player thinline are current preferences, but let me know what you have.

            Danelectro 12 String -


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              Paul C V1 Timmy, been gigged a lot in the last 4 years I've owned it. Few chips, works perfectly. No box. I'm not really sure how much to price this at. Let's say 120 pounds shipped. $OLD

              Subdecay Flying Tomato, again, chipped/scratched/gigged. Again, works perfectly. No box. 100 pounds shipped.

              Selling to fund a big boy amp. I realised that I never use the fuzz at all and I can probably get more than close enough to what the Timmy does from a Dano Transparent Drive.
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                I'm selling my backup Fetto Custom to help fund a bass I really want. These are the best overdrive/distortion pedals I've ever played and this one is unused. These are


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                  Lee Jackson Mr. Springgy v.2
                  Good deals list


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                    For Sale: Vox AC30CC2

                    Amp is up for sale on ebay. But I'll stop the auction for


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                      Dunlop JH-F1
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                        Hermida Reverb - This is the first version in the larger case. It's in excellent condition.


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                          Pics coming once I'm away from this god awful internet connection.

                          TC Electronic Nova Repeater - boxed with manual and power supply.


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                            WTB: Dimarzio Super Distortion, 4 cond, dbl cream.


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                              Dual bypass looper - Cheaps

                              For Sale
                              Ibanez RG270 Guitar -


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                                WB Habanero humbucker set
                                Got Funk?

                                Good deals with: wilsoneffectsll, mr cheef, the.nameless, kpd78, Seano_Porno, jonPhillips, gjhardwick, Korgi

                                Selling: PRICE DROP!! NEED TO SELL ASAP
                                AMT Japanese Girl WH-1
                                Zoom Multistomp
                                Digitech RP3 Blue version
                                Wilson Effects Uber Fubar Bliss

                                want to buy:
                                EHX Ring Thing
                                Devi Ever Hyperion
                                Orange Crush The Button Wampler.
                                BAT Pharaoh