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    Ibanez AF9 Auto Filter

    pretty good condition considering its age. obvious scratches, battery wires clipped for some reason but it still sounds awesome!

    looking for a reverb pedal mostly but open to just about anything. PM me an offer.
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      Want to trade both Strymon timeline & eventide space in mint condition for Gretsch, cheaper gibson LP or SG standard, will consider Fender offset (jazzmaster or jaguar) & Duesenberg


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        Up for sale is an amazing 2007 Suhr Classic T.
        I'm only selling this so I can order a new Suhr T with just a few spec changes.
        With the compound radius, body carves and Suhr pickups, this Tele goes from twang to rock quite easily. It has a perfect neck carve, IMO, as you have something to grab on to, but it is small enough to slide up and down easily on it.
        The entire guitar weighs under seven pounds, too!
        Save some dough and get an amazing Suhr about ten months earlier than if you ordered one.

        Guitar is like new! No dings, dents, chips fret wear, etc.
        It comes in the OHSC, in like new condition, with the spec sheet, trussrod adjustment tool, some extra switch tips and the fretboard protector.
        Will even ship in the original Suhr box!

        $1800.00 shipped, ConUS.
        No trades, please.

        PM/email me or check the Guitar Emporium for pics and spec sheet.
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          Both in great shape w/velcro.

          Mad Professor Sweet Honey SHOD $120 shipped/pp'd

          Catalinbread Pareidolia $135 shipped/pp'd
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            Long shot but looking for a Fender Thurston Moore Jazzmaster, will Paypal cash money and work out shipping etc.

            Also looking for a Blackout Effectors Whetstone and EHX Polychorus, PM me.
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              I'm looking for an ISP decimator, boss rps-10, and a sliding rack tray/drawer



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                Mostly looking for trades only unless noted otherwise. Wantlist is at the bottom.

                Boss RV-5 Digital reverb
                Boss PS-3 Pitch shifter delay
                DOD FX96 Analog Delay
                Fulltone Clyde Deluxe wah (w/ box) ($220 or trades)
                MXR Variphase CSP-001 (discontinued)
                MJM London Fuzz (w/ box)
                Devi Ever Effector 13 Soda Meiser w/ chaos switch
                EH Cathedral
                Keeley 2 knob compressor in box (not pictured)

                [COLOR="silver"]Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
                Danelectro BLT slap back echo
                Lovepedal Vibe


                Clark Gainster
                Skreddy Echo
                Boss RC-2
                Mellowtone Wolf Computer standard issue
                Wilson Ten Spot 2 wah
                Univox Micro Fazer
                Phase 90 w/ LED. clones are ok
                Wampler Paisley or Ego Compressor
                Diamond Compressor
                BYOC OD2 or Envelope Filter (v2) kits
                Whammy 4 adapter
                Thinline or solid Tele body
                Deering Goodtime open-back banjo
                Peavey Grind Bass (4 or 5 string)
                Istanbul cymbals... Maybe old Sabians too.

                Try me if you think you have something I might like.

                Thanks for looking.


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                  WTB/WTTF: SKREDDY ECHO

                  Trade bait:

                  Vintage Ibanez Phase Tone II PT-707 script logo w/box, papers, and 9V jack!
                  Basic Audio Scarab Deluxe
                  Dunwich Amps FAC OFF
                  Hardwire DL-8 Delay/Looper
                  Mahoney Sonic Fuzz "Orange Sunshine"-style fuzz (updated board, #1!)
                  Fuzzhugger Upper with loop
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                    Comes with everything except the neck. It needs to be rewired and pickup wires need to be a little longer.
                    There is pickups, pots, and cap.
                    Looking for 250 cash OBO, or good pedals!

                    I'm posting in effects, because im searching for effects in trade.


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                      The World's Sexiest JC-120 COULD BE YOURS!!!

                      Very early 1970s JC-120, MN3002 Chorus - same as CE-1, but true stereo - this is a BEAST of an amp. Has survived longer with me than my HIWATT, my Viborverb, Traynors, etc. One of the best pedal platforms I've ever heard. . .MORE INFO

                      $700 & I'll cover half the S&H.

                      * DL4s * DIY Kits * Anyone with information about Steve Gibbs of the Audio Bros. please contact me!