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READ THE RULES OR GET BANNED - Weekly spam thread 4-25-12


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    WTB: Opto-comp
    sell me your EHX Black Finger or xo White Finger... please?
    "Anal Doom" in the SG ARMY
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      For sale or trade. All items are in excellent condition.
      Prices are shipped/paypal'd in lower 48.

      EHX Small Clone $50
      Keeley Fuzz Head $135

      Celestion Seventy/80 $45 - 8ohm/12"
      (New) Jensen Electric Lightning $85 - 8ohm/12", 70 watts
      Jensen EL was only installed and tested so not even broken in yet. This is a fantastic sounding, LOUD speaker! Just check the web for reviews.

      I'm considering selling/trading my made-in-USA Crate V3112 (EL84/12AX7. Spring reverb and foot switch). This is from the series that was built for Crate by St. Louis Music several years ago. It was serviced last year by Yontz at Mad Science Works in Raleigh and probably has less than ten hours on it since then. Local sale would be $375 with current speaker...G12H-30 Anniv. If you want a Jensen Electric Lightning then $400 for local sale. Also have original Seventy/80 if for some reason that speaker is preferred. Not a terrible speaker, just doesn't have the balls of the others.
      Looking for a nice 1x12 open-back cab for trade...plus cash or other gear. I have an extra G12H-30 speaker so cab doesn't have to be loaded.
      Really would like to do this locally (Raleigh, NC area) to avoid shipping. Will make a reasonable drive to meet.

      GFS Import steel trem block $20

      Trade interests:

      Malekko omicron fuzz/chorus.
      Would really like to try a Skreddy Screwdriver.
      EHX Micro Pog
      Line6 M5
      Have something else? Try me.

      Can send detailed pics of anything so just let me know.
      Thanks for looking.
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          This is not an exact clone for the Maestro Fz-1 FuzzTone, as there have been a few improvements from stock...

          The primary change is it has been fitted with a charge pump and voltage regulator so that it can daisy chain on your power supply with all your other pedals. The original Fz-1 ran at 3 volts and used two AA batteries. My version uses no batteries and thus can be plugged into your 9 volt board power supply and forgotten about till needed. No worries about forgetting to unplug it or turn it off and coming back to find dead batteries.

          Another change is instead of 60's RCA 2N270 germanium transistors I used NOS 60's RCA 2N408 germanium transistors. They give a bit more output and provide a slightly warm, harmonically rich tone. Everything else in this handbuilt pedal is of top notch stock and it's finished off with a hand painted finish, each one unique.

          $125 shipped and paypaled in the USA, slightly more for overseas. Interesting trades considered as well.

          I make hand painted vintage style fuzzes: http://www.lowbroweffects.com


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              Rickenbacker 650D

              This guitar is completely stock and a nice clean example of this rather rare Rickenbacker solid body electric. Loaded with Rickenbacker humbuckers which are warm and clear with just the right amount of output for a wide variety of musical applications. All top-of-the-line German hardware and general top notch Rickenbacker quality. Fret ends are perfectly dressed and action is low and easy to play.

              Please note that the 650D has the 1 3/4" nut width which makes these play super easy and gives plenty of room on the board for wide bends and complex chords. A 330 or 360 by comparison has a much narrower neck with no taper from nut to heel. Rickenbacker designed these guitars to appeal to players looking for a guitar that was better suited for rock playing all over the neck. Neck is medium thickness with a shape between a D and C. Very comfortable and fast with the oil finish.

              Includes original hardshell case and unused polishing cloth. $1100 shipped and paypalled in the US.

              Would consider trades for a 330 or 360 (or either of the equivalent 3-pickup models) in one of the various sunburst finishes. Other hollowbodies welcome as well. Humbuckers preferred on non-ricks.

              I've been trying out some various bass fuzz circuits and considering adding something to my product line. I built this Brass Master this afternoon in a Fancy Gashpaint box by #16 for comparison so some other circuits I'm working on. It has been modified a bit to have more low end on the fuzz side and smooth it out a bit. Still very raunchy but now it works better with guitar and sounds thunderous with bass. Controls are all on the front side to show off as much of Adam's paint work as possible on top. Insides are neat and clean as usual. This one has a battery snap.

              $150 shipped.


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                I have a Moog Voyager OS. I would like your amp.

                {For Sale}
                Chandler RH-2 lap steel - $325


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                  FZ-2 for Sale - $70 Shipped

                  Trades considered PM me


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                    Stuff that needs a new home:

                    Fuel Tank jr.
                    Whirlwind Orange Box phaser
                    Korg nanokontrol
                    Akai LPK25

                    New pics to come tonight. Make me an offer, preferably dinero.
                    Good deals


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                      For sale or trade. Make offers. I'm interested in money, a small tube amp, interesting pedals (mini bone or similar, fuzz god II, etc.), interesting guitars, or some combination thereof.

                      Behringer Slow Motion SM200 (Boss Slow gear clone) $20 shipped CONUS
                      Behringer Compressor Sustainer CS400 $20 shipped CONUS

                      Electro-Harmonix Y Triggered Filter (pots date to 1975)
                      This is the first pedal I ever owned. Works, no internal mods, stomp switch is a little flakey, battery clip needs replacing, missing 2 screws (see pic), knob is new. $150 shipped CONUS
                      I have an adapter if needed.

                      Hondo II Les Paul "Lawsuit," mid-'70s. Only 1 pickup is original, other 2 are period correct. 3rd pickup and switch added by me. Non-original bridge, tailpiece, knobs, pickup switches, nut. Will include original pickguard and other miscellaneous parts I replaced which may or may not be original. Bridge pickup is out-of-phase with other 2. $340 shipped CONUS



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                        Solid Gold FX Super Drive


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                          MXR Distortion II, with box. Original knobs. 200 + shipping.

                          PM me for more info and pics.

                          edit: Atlanta forumites, I have a 73-74 Silverface Twin for sale. Recently retubed and fixed up. 800 OBO.
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                            ISP Noise Decimator- $110 shipped/paypal'd seriously one of the best noise gates I've ever used



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                              Threw my Moog MF-104z Analog Delay with EP-2 Expression pedal up on eBay. Enjoy. Will trade for a Moog Slim Phatty.


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                                Maxon AD-900 analog delay (2-chip, with adapter, box, papers in Japanese writings. Possible a sushi recipe. But probably a manual. Amazing delay, 2nd time owning one, just want to buy other toys, asking what I paid) [COLOR="red"]$275 shipped

                                Stomp Under Foot Halo Bender OD/Dist (with box, #19 version 2, discontinued. "Great for pushing muffs"... from the creator himself [no, not The Jebus]) [COLOR="red"]$120 pirate shipped

                                Will trade for Deluxe Memory Man with Tap Tempo (1100ms, + my semi-hard-earned cash)
                                Will also trade for a Malekko Tremolo.

                                I have a Boss HM-2 MIJ Heavy Metal pedal and NVN Dinosaur Fuzz for trades as well.
                                Smooth Deals