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READ THE RULES OR GET BANNED - Weekly spam thread 4-25-12


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    FS: Set of PRS Dragon II's

    $110 shipped.

    Originally Posted by thegumbootman

    I managed to not say the word "****************" until I was 18

    In primary school when my friends discovered swearing, I thought "I've never said the f-word before. I'm never going to say it". I wanted to say it when I got older (mostly because my friends would nag me about saying it), but I just didn't want to end the streak of not-saying it

    I ended up accidentally saying it to my girlfriend at the time. I said "Someone told me that Ben got with a really fat girl and he titty-****************ed her"


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      Got a few things that I'd like to turn into a few new things. Prices are shipped. Generally, I prefer trades because paypal can suck it.

      Group Shot:

      From the top left:

      Digitech (DOD) PDS 1002 $65 - Most of you know what this guy does, so I'll save the exposition. Works well, switches are in great shape, everything functions as it should.

      EHX Cathedral $180 - Love it, but I want to try the new Soundblox Dimension and/or an RRR. Box, papers, power supply ect.

      TC Nova Delay $140 - Power supply has a little corrosion, so when it gets bumped, sometimes it cuts out. Otherwise, its in good shape. Box, papers, ps included.

      TC Flashback Delay [COLOR="red"]GONE

      Boss RC-2 w/external footswitch (not pic'd) $110 - I only ever use it as a practice tool, just kind of taking up space otherwise. Box and papers included.

      V1 Musket Trades - I effing love this thing, but I need a new doom tone, so Im going to give some others a shot. Box and papers included. See the trades list .

      Looking for:
      Dr. Scientist Reverberator and The Elements
      Soundblox 2 Dimension reverb and Multiwave Distortion
      Montgomery Appliances So Much Devastation
      Boss RE-20
      EQD stuff in general
      Fuzz friendly wahs
      A good AB/Y
      Blakemore Deus Ex

      Aside from that list, just make offers. I need a rig changeover, so Im open to trying some stuff out.

      (Not trying to be a jerk, but please, make your offers reasonable, I set my prices at/around market value based on what I see here, TGP, Ebay, and other forums. Im always willing to take cash or multiple pedals and vice versa to even out a deal, if that is your intention, please let me know. Thanks!)
      Originally Posted by MrNixon

      Its like a sybian for electric guitars.

      Ive had good deals with the following people(your results may vary):
      Djfrank, mibeaulieu, negative theory, bluesthug, chad-ro, Somedayrockstar, jango22, grayeyes777, downer01, Uberthrall, solewheelin, apoxacilin, somestarrynight, The_Snake_King, Soholounge, iamthearm, Jnichols2727


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        I want your [COLOR="red"]Pog 2. I've got some pedals for sale / trade in my sig. Make me a cash or trade offer. Mostly looking for a Pog2 but also interested in DL4.

        Diamond Skeleton (pre Suppuku FX) Digital Pitch Modulator
        MXR Phase 90 w/ box (has blue led though)
        Lightfoot Labs Goatkeeper v2 w/ box (#18)
        Malekko E600d w/ box
        Boss OC2
        Ibanez DE7 w/ iffy footswitch

        I also need a 1M-C (reverse log/audio) pot.

        I run a small label / distro and just put this compilation out featuring 16 tracks of doom, grind, and ambient noise. Some forumites band's are on here as well. They are free with any purchase from my site but if you want one by itself it's $5ppd.

        You can stream it here: www.divinemotherrecordings.bandcamp.com
        http://deadhandcollective.blogspot.com - my band
        http://divinemotherrecordings.com -my label
        http://acapella.harmony-central.com/...l=1#post425143 99 - good deals


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          Spam in signature
          Formerly known as sausagefoot.


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            FS: MJT Stratocaster in Fiesta Red - $1,000 shipped/paypal'd

            Cathedral Bells
            Ten and Six

            Guitar: '78 Electra Omega Les Paul
            Effects: EHX HOG, Digitech Timebender,
            EHX Stereo Clone Theory, Mooer Pitchbox,
            Crybaby Classic, EQD Rainbow Machine,
            Line 6 DL4, T1M Mini-Stutta, Ernie Ball VP Jr.
            Amp: Fender Tweed Blues Jr. NOS


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              Minty Catalinbread Perseus - 125 shipped US/Canada

              Originally Posted by misterstomach

              I'm more concerned that people **************** their pants and cry when i play than i am that it sounds good.


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                ~~FOR SALE~~

                [COLOR="gray"]MXR M-117 FLANGER --> brand new, in-the-box with 18v adapter and all paperwork. $110 shipped to the lower 48.

                [COLOR="gray"]DUNLOP WYLDE WAH --> brand new, in-the-the-box with adjustment rod and all paperwork. $115 shipped to the lower 48

                [COLOR="red"]EHX DOUBLE MUFF CLASSIC CHASIS --> 9 out of 10 condition with original cardboard box and papers. $50 shipped to the lower 48

                CUSTOM AUDIO ELECTRONICS FREDDY FUZZ --> this is the long discontinued version with LED and screenprinted logo. Nice crossover pedal that covers a wide range of OD/Distortion and into Fuzz. Similar to the AM AstroTone. $100 shipped to the lower 48.

                [COLOR="#a0522d"]SOULDIER BROWN/ORANGE OWL STRAP --> Get your Tweedy on. $55 shipped to the lower 48.
                "That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die." -- Me


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                  Guitars: LsL T-bone|Gibson 62ri SG|Martin D-18
                  Pedals: |DiamondComp|Whammy DaVe|Pitch black|Naga Viper|Hotcake|DMM|RRR|
                  Amp: Vox AC15HW1x


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                    All prices shipped ConUS(international at your expense, usps priority), usps money order or paypal.

                    As for trades, feel free to offer what you have. I'd be particularly interested in:
                    Lumpy's Tone Shop MKII (possibly other Tone Benders by him)
                    Dice Works Pedals (Not Muff Divers/Finale/Dice-O-Matic)
                    NKT-213 loaded buzzaround
                    2n5133 loaded Big Muff clone
                    Danelectro Backtalk Reverse Delay

                    MXR Dynacomp. Pretty much new in the box with paperwork. $50 shipped.

                    MXR 6-band EQ. Excellent condition. $50 shipped.

                    CMATMODS Analog Chorus. The printed font is smudged slightly, purely cosmetic. Sounds really great. $125 shipped.

                    Proco Rat II. Made in America. Has the OP chip, not the LM308. Excellent shape in the box. Box is weathered. $140 shipped.

                    Filmore Pedals SuperSustain. I believe this is based on the Orange squeezer circuit. Runs on 18v. Sounds good but compressors aren't my thing it turns out. $75 shipped.

                    Boss BF-2. MIJ. Has the Wampler/Indyguitarist mods. $75 shipped.

                    MXR Bud Box Script Phase 90. Excellent shape, considering it's age. Was recently sent to FMO to have an opamp replaced. This one has a pretty large volume drop, FMO said it could be modded it but I figured I'd leave that up to the new owner to decide. $200 shipped.

                    EHX Small Clone. Case has a slight dent in the bottom. It in no way hinders performance and it works perfectly. $60 shipped.

                    Modded Boss DS-1. It has a switch like the keeley but it's not a keeley. That's all I know about it, I got it in trade. Excellent shape. $40 shipped.

                    Danelectro Talk Box. Needs the tube/mic but that's $12.99 at most music stores. Otherwise excellent condition with box and papers. $55 shipped.

                    Danelectro Slap echo. Knob missing but you can still turn it. Free with purchase of any two things.

                    Good Transactions List


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                      Ring Thing: $170
                      US600 Pitch Shifter/Harmonist: $35

                      Both shipped to lower 48. Buy them together for a makeshift Pog!
                      Good Deals
                      DRGUN, SmallEQ, roaring20's (A+ trader), SmoothOcean, Used666 (A+ trader & builder), gorebuc, johnnyunitas, homestar_kevin, thesockmonster (A+ trader), TomCray, jdpkeeper, airoz, Urinate Forever (A+ Trader), blanketblanket

                      Originally Posted by Dr.Picklebottom

                      the band list is a virtual whos who of who gives a ****************.


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                        Skreddy Zero for sale. Only $210 shipped minty with box papers and rubber feet still on the backing.


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                          PayPal'd & Shipping included, CONUS only.

                          MXR Custom Comp, $105 - Like new with box and papers. Used it about two or three times and compressors aren't for me.

                          TubeJuice MAX50 Attenuator, $50 - Pretty neat attenuator, I haven't used it in a very long time. Works for amps up to 50 watts. The pot is a bit scratchy and doesn't turn smoothly but works like a charm. Comes with a power adaptor for the fan.

                          Trade Interests:
                          Zvex Mastotron
                          Radial Big Shot ABY Box


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                            Prices paypalled, shipped.

                            1. SOLD[COLOR="red"]Black Arts Toneworks - Black Forest. Like new, with box. $108
                            2. Wren & Cuff - Box of War. Like new, with Box. $179
                            3. SOLD [COLOR="Red"]TC Electronics - Alter Ego. Like New, with Box. $145
                            4. EQD - Dispatch Master. Like New, with box.(I have 2. this is my backup) $155
                            5. SOLD[COLOR="red"]Stomp Under Foot - Hellephant. Excellent condition, with box. $130
                            6. SOLD[COLOR="Red"]Stomp Under Foot - Mean Green Machine. Excellent condition. pin sized chip where plug goes in. with box. $125
                            7. Skreddy - Supa Tone. Like new, with box. $135
                            8. Fuzzhugger - Fuzz HUGER. Excellent Condition. no box. $95

                            PM me for international sales(additional shipping).

                            trades in which I'm interested+/- cash)

                            W&C Caprid
                            Tiffany Jewelry
                            BRO CLUB Member: BROSLINGER
                            Proudly uses: STOMP UNDER FOOT pedals.


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                              JHS 2 in 1 Pulp 'n Peel/Mr. Magic(w/tone control) for sale. sounds awesome, great condition. $280 shipped/make me an offer.

                              Dunlop 95Q Wah. switchless wah, great condition with rubber feet still on bottom. $60 shipped.

                              Originally Posted by Stevenglass

                              Btw, if you see this trader i'm talking about. I'm sorry for doubting you and i love you.


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                                D*A*M/Sola Sound Tone bender MKII - $600
                                Diamond Memory Lane 2 - $450
                                Mad Professor Little Green Wonder HW - $230
                                Himmelstrutz Fetto Custom - $275
                                Suhr Riot LE - $160
                                Providence Phase Force - $200
                                Providence Velvet Comp - $170
                                Providence Sonic Drive - $170
                                Catalinbread Pareidolia - $130
                                Keeler Stretch - $220
                                Boss FV-500H - $70

                                EDIT: Also adding some more stuff. Will upload pics in a bit.

                                Pigdog Electric Eye MKI - $700
                                Skreddy Mayonaise MKII - $650
                                Wren & Cuff Box of War - $170
                                Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay HW - $240
                                Mad Professor Tiny Orange Phaser - $275
                                FoxRox CC Hybrid - $140
                                Custom BAT Pharaoh - $200
                                Skreddy Pink Flesh MKII - $450
                                RoboPimp Colorsound Overdrive - $55

                                Diezel Hagen - $3200
                                Germino Masonette 25 - $1200

                                Suhr Modern 7 - $2200
                                Great transactions with: http://www.thegearpage.net/board/sho...&postcount=438

                                Spam: http://acapella.harmony-central.com/...House-Cleaning