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    A "Big Muff killer" but with no tone control or mids boost of any kind?

    I've tried a few Devi fuzz boxes and quite liked them. Tried the Soda due to it's "muff-like" tone but didn't quite gel with it so how's the Hyperion compare?
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    I'm not a muff expert so i can't really compare the two, although I have owned a nyc muff and a black russian label muff. anyways on its own terms the hyperion is a pretty good pedal. its quiet because it's very heavily gated and quite splatty. and also i may be flambed for this but I actually like the JHS astro mess better - yeah he's an **************************** for stealing her design but he improved the tone/gate somehow.


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      It's kind of like a slightly unhinged Muff but if I had never heard it compared to one, I don't think that's the comparison (Muff-like) that I would've used. It's got a big sound, sort of Muffy, but the gate defin. gives it splatty-ness. It's a really loud pedal.

      I like it. It's sort of Muff flavored. It doesn't kill the Muff but it might make it a little uncomfortable. It's loud and sloppy. Neat thing.
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        I was an user, for about 1 hour before it got back to the shop. And not much of a big muff I would say.

        For a fresh muff taste I would try to find and old Maxon D&S (not II), they are usually not that much expensive and I really like it.

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          I dumped my muff for a Hyperion 2. The Hyp sits in a band mix waaaay better. More definition, too. It's a lot more versatile than I originally gave it credit for.
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