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Favorite slide parts for those who are pretty uninspired by guitar wankery


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    Yep, 'xactly.

    Trucks is unmatched. He's the best guitarist in the world to me because, from what I've heard, theres no one else that can do what he does to the level of proficiency that he executes on a consistant basis. Derek blows my mind everytime he plays, easily the best slide work on record.

    thanks for sharing my opinions, we should start a communist state, because i completely %100 agree with you. The last time i saw him, (he usually goes completely berzurk either on song 1,2 or 3 in concert) it was the end of the 1st song and he was did something that i have NEVER heard anyone do, i mean, never ever and it was completely out of this world, almost a mutated flamenco style on his right hand but how do you describe a technique you've never heard? anyway, beyond that, he has so much soul and the 1st time my wife and i saw their new band, it was completely a religious experience. they didn't stop music for 2hours and 45 minutes. definately on another level. i just saw an interview with him and he basically said he thinks its really important to interweave spiritual music into his playing, both eastern and western.

    anyway, enough on that rant, i can't believe i forgot about MAZZY STAR
    one of my favorites, he does play alot of slide too.
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      Dave Hole is a beast.
      Originally Posted by Inspector 71

      I'm only framus in my own mine.

      Originally Posted by riff ie

      black hole complementarity, or, you won't feel a thing

      Originally Posted by christianatl

      I plan on riding my ****************sled through the pussy apocalypse.


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        What's wrong with you people!!!

        Jack on Fire!
        Saint Angel Sigh, Easier to Die - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mRLAkTf_KM


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          Jack on Fire!

          ha ha, you are right!

          that part on 'it might get loud'
          where page, edge and jack all are playin slide, that was pretty damn sweet
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