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solo: mars volta: Cygnus...Vismund Cygnus

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  • solo: mars volta: Cygnus...Vismund Cygnus

    @4:39 on. Reverse delay? I dig that sound.

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    Yeah sounds it. Probably done in production though.

    I jus listened to it at the same time as the Smiths video from the Pitchfork article in the other thread. It sounded terrible, then a police siren went by outside and kind of pulled it all together for a few seconds before it all fell apart again.
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      Cool song. I was just listening to this album last night.
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        Yeah I spent a while trying to nail that. Reverse and verb. Just gotta find a reverse that will respond that way. Can't seem to get it right with my DD-7, even though I know Omar uses DD's (not sure if he did on this album). Like rtparrot said, probably done in post production.

        Apologize for bumping this. Just felt "clickable" when browsing the last 4 pages...
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          tons of people hate on Omar but I think he is a great, creative player. A lot of folks seem to hate on Frances as an album, I thought it was maybe their best.


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            Yup, I like Omar and early Volta very much, this solo being one of his best. Cicatriz ESP has some amazing guitar in it as well.
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              Sounds like a slapback to me thats on the whole time pre-dirt, with dashes of reverse delay on some of the feedback trails.

              Killer song/solo.
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                Sounds like a slapback to me thats on the whole time pre-dirt, with dashes of reverse delay on some of the feedback trails.

                Killer song/solo.

                Sounds accurate to me. Such a rad effect. Their new stuff is cool but doesn't have the huge scope like Frances, which is why it's my favorite MV album.