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Jazzmaster and jaguars, the new Jacksons and Kramers?

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  • Jazzmaster and jaguars, the new Jacksons and Kramers?

    I love offsets but it is kinda reminding me of the 80's with all the superstrat craziness.

    Am I wrong? Is Fender milking dry the offset cow?


    (ESL maybe in full effect)
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    Originally Posted by IRG:
    "reunula speaks the trooth"

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    " "


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      Not IMHO. In fact, I'd say they're finally giving people what they've been asking for, at least in terms of the new Squier VM models that are supposedly shipping in July. There are several "traditional" Strats and Telecasters in the Squier lineup, but until the new VM's come out, all Squier has had for Jags were "inspired by" type designs... and outside of the J Mascis JM, the same holds true for Jazzmasters as well.

      Other than that, what else is there? Johnny Marr's Jag, but no one would bat an eye if someone came out with yet another Strat sig model. There is also the 50th Anniversary Jaguar, but that will be gone next year. Blacktops? Not fully "traditional", and there are Strats and Teles in that line too, so again, it's not like Fender is focusing exclusively on offsets.

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        I kind of agree with Phil.

        I DO think they mutilated the cow when it comes to every possible way to ruin an offset, but now they're just tapping the utter on doing it right.
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          fair enough.
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          Originally Posted by IRG:
          "reunula speaks the trooth"


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            I don't know about being the new Jacksons and Kramers (maybe though, kind of catering to the new 'mainstream indie rock' set), but it was weird walking into Gtr Center and seeing all of these models displayed by the front door instead of a bunch of Les Pauls...I didn't mind that much though, being an offset lover.
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              no matter what they do they will always be second rate


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                I think it's great they're offering a variety of offsets. For years it was just Strats and Teles, and more Strats and more Teles.

                The do run the risk of over-saturation, though.

                I just think they're trying to make viable alternatives to the old standbys, which I can respect.


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                  it's kinda like saying "bald with a goatee is the new mullet". nothing will replace the mullet imo. mullet is the top of the scale, sure bald and goatee is lame, but not mullet lame.


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                    sure bald and goatee is lame

                    bald + anything = lame


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                        A skullet is god-tier.


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                          personally i think the offset movement has just had a longer and more tedious lifespan. i don't think it is even remotely close to the superstrat craze.
                          if you think about it, popular offset users are Finally being recognized, just in the last 4 years, of their influence on music(in relation to producers of the actual instruments) -
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                          elvis costello
                          thurston moore
                          lee ranaldo
                          johnny marr
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                            Not now. But in five years or so? Probably. Just in time for Jacksons and Kramers to become the new Jazzmasters.
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                              I wish they would do a telemaster type guitar that wasn't a custom shop model.... that would be awesome..
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