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My kid is 2 years old today - AKA why doesn't brian post on HC anymore


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  • My kid is 2 years old today - AKA why doesn't brian post on HC anymore

    Two years ago today was the scariest/best day of my life.
    My daughter Olivia was born. The wife was in labor forever and eventually had an semi-emergency C-section. The wife was scared and woke up in the middle of being cut open. I spent the first few hours of her life holding her waiting for the doctors to put mom back together. Even then it took a few more hours for all the drugs to wear off to the point that mom could even hold Olivia.

    Since then I've had little free time to read/post on HC. We were pretty lucky. She was sleeping through the night at 2 months. Rarely wakes up screaming. Potty trained at 18~19 months. She was walking/running at 9 months. Most of my free time is spent playing, reading her books and keeping her out of stuff. She know all her letters and numbers 1-10. She's starting to figure out what letters words start with. She loves music and will dance to anything from twinkle twinkle little star to Anarchy in the UK.

    Anyway, here's a recent picture of her eating an awesome grilled cheese sandwich while we were out at dinner over the weekend.

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    very cool. congratulations.


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      little kid prodigy you have there. congratulations man, on a healthy and beautiful daughter. happy b-day to her.
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        she's a cutie. congrats--potty trained at 19 months damn. i have boys, they took way longer than that.
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          Yeah thats an early learnt ****************time. I hope my son can make it this summer and then he's 30 months

          Also congrats, she is cute!
          Originally Posted by lefort_1
          What really alarms me is: my daughter is now older than the age I think I am.

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            i wanted to make a true bypass joke in here, but it felt weird. so here i am, explaining that.
            Originally Posted by Player99

            No it is not repairable. You need to send the forum to me, and I will throw it away and sell you a new forum at full retail plus shipping. That is your only option.

            Originally Posted by eco1

            i just got fed up with my ****************ing neighbor and shot him a few minutes ago.


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              Congrats! Kids certainly do take up a tremendous amount of time and energy, and I'm finding an ever increasing amount of funds as well. It's worth it of course, but you gotta make time for yourself and the missus too. Balance in everything I suppose. I have a 6, 10 and almost teenager now. Plus 8 pets. I somehow still post here, but usually at work when I need a break from reality.

              But my new motto is "Play more, work less". I wasn't very good at keeping that work/life balance recently. Reevaluated how much time I've been working and away from the fam.


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                brian, i just picked up the latest version of the echobox. this one doesn't trail endlessly or oscillate. what gives?


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                  Happy bday!

                  And Junior4, your avatar makes my junk tingle.
                  Originally Posted by christianatl

                  Everybody stop hurting dap99's balls.


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                    Time well spent!


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                      My roommate's daughter just turned 3 yesterday and I think it's weird that her name is Olivia too.

                      Congrats on her bday.
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                          Cute girl you have there. My oldest is also an Olivia. Anyway, two is a great age. Enjoy every minute!


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                            I have 4 (3 daughters and a son) and having kids is the best experience a man can have. A lot of guys that I know who are having their first are hoping for a boy but the Daddy worship that a daughter gives is second to none. Congrats on your wonderful child.

                            I am able to post here some from work but I rarely post from home. It is very busy in my household.


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                              That rules Brian. mmmmmmmm, grilled cheese.....