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So this thing, what do you all make of this thing?


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    The original Gristleizer units were based on the Roy Gwinn 'GEP' design published in Practical Electronic and sold in kit form (just the PCB & components) by Phonosonics in the UK in 1977. Chris Carter added some mods of his own and designed and made a completely new case and constructed units for himself, the band and various friends around the world, only probably about 12 units in total.

    quote from Chris Carter, the builder

    Chris Carter:
    "My original Gristleizers were based around the PE kit (PCB & components) produced by Phonosonics in the UK in 1977. I've never made any secret of this, and in fact for a while had the PE schematic on my site. However, I added some mods of my own and designed a completely new case and made units for myself, the band and friends, probably about 10 in total. Cosey's still works to this day but mine was unfortunately 'lost' shortly after appearing in a exhibition in London a couple of years ago.

    and another quote


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      Yeah you should be able to build a Gristleizer for like $50 at most if you're up to the task.

      Granted most don't have the waveform options but they're still solid.
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        heck, Endangered Audio gives you the schematic and parts list in their doc. You could build it for whatever you sourced the parts for.
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          Happy days or end of days?

          It takes forever for this guy to say nothing

          How much would a uses tube zipper and used xo stereo pulsar cost? Because I think those 2 pedal could pull off everything I heard in that video
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