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Which red Way Huge should I get???


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  • Which red Way Huge should I get???

    I already know I'm a pedal whore, so you don't need to remind me.
    Which one of these pedals would you guys go with to try in front of the Ironheart?

    I've been having so much fun with different drives and stuff.

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    Red Llama.


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      Llama man. I want one as well so um yeah maybe I should get one too.
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        if u want a powerful clean booster then I'd go troll!

        It seems to do a cool things.

        If u want a fuzzy overdrive that will do clean boost to balls out rock then go llama...

        green rhino/pork loin both are fantastic too.
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          It will be mine...
          Oh yes...it will be mine.


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            Red Llama all the way. I haven't tried the Angry Troll, but my RL clone has made it onto almost every recording I've made in the past few years.
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              Yeah, Llama.
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                Pink Sock
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                  Rad Llama


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                    I only have experience with the Angry Troll(this could be a sweet pun)and it does it's job well.
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                      Llama. But get them all. They're not that expensive and they all seem to be great in their own way.
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