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So i've just put on some Fender Pure Nickel strings..


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  • So i've just put on some Fender Pure Nickel strings..

    definitely less bright when straight on, i guess they're more like 'the day after' sounds you'd get from a new set of nickelwounds. not a bad thing at all. no spiky high strings..

    they play really nicely and stay in tune as well as wound strings do from what i can tell, whether you could justify the extra cost.. i doubt it.. we'll see how they last.

    nice to have a change though.

    oh yeah.. the only pure nickel strings i could get in the shop were Fender's. i can't decide if the colour scheme for the ball-ends is crass or just amusing

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    Nice! Like daddarios.
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      Nice! Like daddarios.

      Yup - except with Fender-centric color coding for the ball ends. I think it's kind of cute - and funny.

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