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Being a musician kind of sucks.

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  • #16
    might as well just kill your self. everyone knows the dead sell more records.

    be in touch with these guys http://suicidehotlines.com/
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    • #17
      practice hard. learn scales, do excercises, study harmonic structure, learn what all of the intervals sound like.

      play hard. jam with people, forget rules, apply your knowledge, get drunk.

      play in front of people. nothing is so humbling and exciting as putting your music out there to be enjoyed/hated.
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      • #18
        I played live 4 days after picking up the guitar and the crowd stomped me to death. Thank god I believe in reincarnation and was able to come back as a skinny white boy from New Jersey.
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        • #19
          Cocaine. It gives you the delusions of grandeur and arrogance to succeed.

          Then you'll actually get some success and then you can justify your arrogance.
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          • #20
            being a sucking musician really sucks.
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            • #21
              Cocaine. It gives you the delusions of grandeur and arrogance to succeed.

              Then you'll actually get some success and then you can justify your arrogance.

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              • #22
                i was thinking about how much more "successful", in the financial/career sense I'd be if I wasn't into music. I dropped $70k that I just paid off on music school, lost the love of my life, and time I spend could be used to get more clients at work. Plus the $10k+ I have wrapped up in gear and all the space I need to store it.

                And in the end...it doesn't even matter:

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