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OT: The Most Dedicated Zookeeper in the World

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  • OT: The Most Dedicated Zookeeper in the World

    http://jezebel.com/5907587/zookeeper-saves-tiny-monkey-by-licking-its-butt-until-it-poops-seriously?utm_campaign=socialflow_jezebel_facebook &utm_source=jezebel_facebook&utm_medium=socialf low

    I mean...couldn't he just have...ok, whatever.


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    No. Just no.
    Originally Posted by Reaganomics!

    Maybe they cut Bin Laden open and found 14 million jobs inside of him

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      My mother doesnt like my avatar.

      Originally Posted by diocide

      I used to have a brass pick, but I stopped using it. After using it, my fingers would smell like i fingered a Terminator and I just couldn't get past that. I'm a ****************ing weirdo, I know.

      Church of Wolves



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        Originally Posted by assface jackson

        To say that **************** was loud is like saying vaginas are just o.k.




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          answer me a question, does my breath smell like monkey ****************?
          Originally Posted by Inspector 71

          I'm only framus in my own mine.

          Originally Posted by riff ie

          black hole complementarity, or, you won't feel a thing

          Originally Posted by christianatl

          I plan on riding my ****************sled through the ******************** apocalypse.


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            oh thats hott


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              The monkey nutted on the zookeeper's mouth?

              I thought I'd seen enough Hentai to know where that was going but ...
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                nutty zookeeper


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                  Why couldn't it had been kevin james


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                    ATT STEVENGLASS
                    this thread is a prime example of OT threads getting out of hand.
                    what the **************** is this ****************??????
                    i don't brows reddit/r/new for a reason.
                    Near Grey


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                      ATT STEVENGLASS
                      this thread is a prime example of OT threads getting out of hand.
                      what the **************** is this ****************??????
                      i don't brows reddit/r/new for a reason.

                      Good thing it's just a forum on the internet.


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                        ATT STEVENGLASS
                        this thread is a prime example of OT threads getting out of hand.
                        what the **************** is this ****************??????
                        i don't brows reddit/r/new for a reason.

                        Look, pal. Some of us happen to like monkey butt-licking discussion.


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                          I'm sure he could have thought of something to use as a suitable substitute for his tongue. I know I would have. It's great to love animals, just don't "love" your animals. And A2M pretty much crosses that line.

                          It kind of reminds me of that old joke about the two hikers who were out in the boonies. One gets bit by a rattlesnake right on the butt while answering the call of nature, and the other calls 911 on the cell phone and asks what he should do. The paramedic tells him he's got to make an x incisions over each fang mark and then suck out the poison with his mouth and spit it out, or his friend is going to die. When he gets off the phone, the guy who got bit asked "what did they say?" And the other guy replies "you're gonna die..."

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                            The Most Defecated Pookeeper
                            He was killed in the ring in Houston. By Tex Colorado. You know, the Arizona Assassin.


                            Originally Posted by Dolf

                            Decode: saying the things you wish you could say but you have tact.

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                              I refuse to watch. **************** that. I will not be scarred for life.
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