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What are you "hip kids" listening to these days?


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  • What are you "hip kids" listening to these days?

    Sorry, just an older dude, trying to stay "out of touch"?

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    Bands who released great records 20 years ago mostly.
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      Bands who released great records 20 years ago mostly.

      this and sigur ros
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        Yeah, pretty much.
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          why did the hipster burn his tongue?

          because he drank his coffee before it was cool.
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          All i wanted was a Pepsi..

          Originally Posted by FreekishBluesFX

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            Beach House?
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              There are no hip kids at HCFX. Hip kids were into forums before they were cool.


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                Listen to music???

                **************** that.

                That **************** is so uncool.
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                Originally Posted by EL KABONG

                just cause Aussies cant have guns (=no freedom) doesnt mean other people cant have them either.

                Originally Posted by Naterel

                Those meatballs came out right

                But that rocket ship is ****************ed up


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                  Originally Posted by ispunk

                  It's the Golden Age of Internet forum reflection and speculation


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                    mostly electronic stuff nowadays I think, but I'm generally pretty bad at keeping up with music


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                      Being old, too, I say if your not trendy, just say you're not trendy on purpose, because then you're ironically un-trendy, which makes being un-trendy trendy. But since only the young can follow this logic, you're still screwed. And still un-trendy.


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                          Hipster = camp for straight people
                          Good deals list


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                            Hipster = camp for straight people

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                              I'm far from hip, and no kid, and I accept new music very slowly. Best newish album I've heard is
                              Tame Impala: Innerspeaker

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