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Looking for a pair of junction boxes/patchbays, any builders?


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  • Looking for a pair of junction boxes/patchbays, any builders?

    I'm looking for a pair of long thin boxes to help manage I/O. One would be 8 in 8 out, the other 4 in 4 out. Basically, I want them to sit under the side of my pedaltrains, so size is a big constraint. They need to just directly patch inputs to outputs, nothing fancy. The board that needs the 8 in and out is raised an extra 1.5 inches or so, which makes it easier. Are there any builders interested? It should be a super simple build, just gotta
    make sure the dimensions would fit. It would totally make my day, I've been trying to find a something prebuilt for a while, and I need them in a couple of weeks.
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