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    TS-9 has a little more gain. The 808 has more low end.

    Any experience with the TS-9DX?
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      Is the bad money as good as the ts?

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        Sd-1 is pretty stella.
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          I love The Tone King.
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            I like my Fulldrive 2, and my Sparkle Drive.
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              808 as it is a bit warmer than the ts9. the engl can be a bit bright


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                Prefer the 808-type myself, as I've never found a TS9 I've bonded with. In my experience, the 808 always has had more gain. *Shrug* I actually prefer the Visual Sound Route 808 (although I use the Jekyll side of my Jekyll & Hyde).
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                  way huge green rhino. the amount of bass you can dial in is....thunderous.


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                    I have an original 808 and TS-9, the 808 has more gain and is slightly less compressed, I prefer it.
                    the Bad Monkey was a little too murky, I prefer a more open sound.
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