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  • School me on necks

    I want to get a new neck for my customised Squier Tele Custom and I found this website that sells repro Fender necks, looking at this one in particular


    My current Squier neck has 22 frets however, and this one has 21. Assuming it's the same dimensions as a real Squier/Fender neck will this work ok?

    Sorry if n00b question!

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    Customized Squier sounds like an oxymoron.
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      It should be fine... usually the 22nd fret hangs over the end of the heel.
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        Seems way cheap for a neck. I'd make sure it's actually ready to play and doesn't still need fretwork and stuff though at that price. It'll probably fit though may be a touch loose.


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            Any neck you buy will need the frets filed and crowned. Make sure you find the best guy for the job before you spend the money on the neck.

            The radius is the "arch" or curve of the fret board. Learn what you like. Some makers offer compound radius so when you stretch notes up high they don't go dead.

            Stainless steel frets are supposed to last 4 times longer.

            Fret size is really important. Learn what sizes are available, and what you like best. Try different guitars in music stores and find out the fret sizes. Keep notes so you don't forget.

            Different woods will give different tones. 1/4 sawn maple is desirable for strats, but costs a bit more. The Fretboard wood also is an important choice.



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              It should be fine... usually the 22nd fret hangs over the end of the heel.

              It doesn't on mine, goes right to the end of the neck.

              Yeah I'd be prepared to get the neck shimmed etc.

              I don't like the Squier neck as it feels really fat, I do however really like the neck on my Jazzmaster


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                As long as its a 25.5 inch scale neck, you should be ok.
                Radius can be thought of as the curve your neck, bridge saddles and nut all have. If you get a neck with a different radius than what you are running now you'll just need to adjust saddle height to match it.
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                  As long as its a 25.5 inch scale neck, you should be ok.

                  Thanks! That's what I needed to know


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                    Just want to add, it should not be an issue, but make sure your distance from nut to 12th fret is the same as 12th to bridge before you drill the holes to bolt it on. If its made for the fender neck pocket it should be fine but just in case. I like to use a clamp, mock it up and attach the e strings. That way you can measure everything and make sure its straight before you attach it.
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                      Actually my tele body was made to fit a 22 fret neck without overhang, too. It was homemade by someone out of a barn rafter and I think his neck was from a guitar that may have been a different scale. I just moved the bridge saddles back a bit when putting on a regular 21 fret Fender neck. The intonation is perfectly fine. Not only that but the bridge is very slightly crooked so the high e gets closer to the edge of the fretboard as it goes up but still stays on. In addition to this, the neck pocket was too deep so my dad and I ground down and drilled an electrical box cover and put a big old piece of steel in the neck pocket to make it shallower (not like the usual shim. This covers the entire inside of the pocket). Teles are very forgiving, I find. Actually, I appreciate the strings being a bit crooked. I have short fingers and this makes it easier for me to reach the lower strings just by a little bit. I don't even have the strings through the body. Maybe one day I'll try it but it sounds great with them mounted on top.

                      Oh yeah and the body is 100+ year old heartwood PINE full of knots and barely finished. It sounds amazing and plays very well. The wood is actually very sturdy and stable (and it smells like a camp fire). It just tends to ding easily.