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Music evolution: Is this the end of the composer?

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  • Music evolution: Is this the end of the composer?

    Listened to this on the BBC world news the other day. interesting.

    "It's just a matter of market forces. It tells us that market forces - consumer choice - is itself a creative force, one that is actually much more important than we appreciate."


    pretty neat,
    Originally Posted by Naterel "All bands suck period"

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    thanks for the link. looks really interesting


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      The download is a .pls file.

      Darwin pls
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        The download is a .pls file.

        Darwin pls

        Originally Posted by Naterel "All bands suck period"


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          The download is a .pls file.

          Darwin pls

          You are beautiful


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            Hmmm...scientists, computers, and mass conciousness creating our music for us. Yeah, can't imagine why that wouldn't work out well.
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              Never underestimate the power of Cirrus' humour.
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              Originally Posted by IRG:
              "reunula speaks the trooth"