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  • NPD - Boos RC2

    Got it in trade from Highwayone73.
    I've had/have the Rang+, DL4, and the E2 Headrush but the RC-2 really does have it's own thing happening.
    I know it beats out RC3 in a few ways (beats) but gets beaten by having less memory and USB capabilities which I don't need, and the non stereo thing doesn't bother me because I don't put the looper last in the chain anyway.
    I'm excited about this one

    Oh cool I just found this

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    rc2 is a hell of a good pedal. i also wish it had a usb, but ill deal..
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      Yeah this ones fine if you don't do ten minute loops, which I do not.
      All of the differences of the RC-3 don't really benefit me.
      Looking to also do those mini switch mods to it.


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        HNPD. If it's as good as I hear people say it is, you should be in business.

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          Thanks VDude. Yeah so far so good. I really have no qualms about it as of yet.
          It's kinda making me consider putting my modded DL4 on the chopping block.


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            i used to have one. sold it when i got m9. but considering getting another one if it comes up at the right price
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