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shorter tremolo bar for jazzmaster


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      but....but.. how do you pretend to be Kevin Shields?

      I may be alone on this but I can,t stand Kevin Shields. I do enjoy Swervedriver a lot when I saw them I noticed the tremolo bar rarely left Adam Franklin's hand. also strummed vibrato is used a bit in surf.


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        I've never had the problem, and I hold the vibrato bar most of the time I'm strumming. I don't have it in front of me right now, so I can't tell you exactly how, but I think I don't grip the very end of it. Maybe look at some videos of other people playing the jazzmaster's bar on youtube and see if it looks like how you're doing it. If nothing works, buy another trem bar and try melx's suggestion. It couldn't hurt to try.
        I wasn't gripping the end, but the end just seems to be in the way I will check some videos though thanks


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            its good to know after 4 years I still am.


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              Man, I MISS that long trem bar! I am now playing a Fernandes which has the shorter, strat-style trem and I hate it. Almost impossible to hold it while strumming. The Jazzy trem just fells so natural.

              So, anyone know of a LONGER, Jazzmaster-style trem bar for that would fit a strat-style bridge?

              For the OP, just saw off what you don't need and apply a non-threaded tip. Done!

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