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SOT: 1x12 Cab for a Princeton?


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  • SOT: 1x12 Cab for a Princeton?

    Have a vintage SF Princeton and always thought of adding a 1x12 extension cab. Want something with the same looks and is appropriate size-wise. Mojotone my only option?

    I already have a speaker to drop into it, just need an empty cab.

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    Scroll through your local Craig's List daily until you find a good match.
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      Scroll through your local Craig's List daily until you find a good match.

      Na.. would never happen in this market. Our CL is filled with band and dj equipment, line 6, overpriced squiers, mucho peavey, lots of berhinger, schecter, and hybrid marshalls, ohh.. and tonelabs.

      I'm just wanting that kinda microstack look. like this.


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        mmmmm yes
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            It's an open-back, rectangular box with black Tolex and the appropriate Fender grille cloth and dimensions to match your particular Princeton. I would think that any decent speaker cabinet builder should be able to build a suitable / matching 1x12 extension cabinet for you.

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              An extension cab for a Princeton is a pretty bad idea, IMHO. The OT is pretty fragile -it's the only Fender OT, I've ever seen burned - and I've seen a few of them torched too. I can't imagine giving them extra stress is a good idea.