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Which Bill Frisell albums?


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  • Which Bill Frisell albums?

    I got "The Intercontinentals," which is pretty cool. I've liked the videos people have posted where it's just Bill solo, what albums like that should I check out?

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    Lagrimas Mexicanas
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    Sound, no longer measurable
    with sense of hearing. As if that tone
    outstripping us on every side
    were space maturing.


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      Here's a Frisell Spotify playlist that I put together a while ago:

      My recommendations:
      Paul Motian/Joe Lovano/Bill Frisell - It Should Have Happened A Long Time Ago
      Marc Johnson - Bass Desires
      Bill Frisell - Rambler

      Kenny Wheeler - Angel Song
      Bill Frisell - Have A Little Faith

      Bill Frisell - With Dave Holland And Elvin Jones
      Bill Frisell - East/West
      Petra Haden and Bill Frisell - self titled

      This BBC radio show gives a good overview of his career: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00g3rkw
      London Jazz Guitar Society: http://www.meetup.com/LondonJazzGuitarSociety/


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        Good Dog, Happy Man is a good one too.
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          Lagrimas Mexicanas

          Sooo good.

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            Gone Just Like A Train
            Ginger Baker Trio - Going Back Home
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              My favourites areeeee

              Bill Frisell, Ron Carter, Paul Motion
              Further East/Further West
              JOHN ZORN NAKED CITY<<<<<<<<<

              Ghost Town is a mainly solo guitar album ;S
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                Ghost Town

                With Dave Holland and Elvin Jones - my personal fav


                hard to choose for me, frisell is the king of guitar in my book
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                  Yeah, I like the one with Dave Holland and Elvin a lot. Also Gone, Like a Train. East West, Nashville and The Intercontinentals are also great. I'm not so crazy on his later stuff.
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                    Bill Frisell - With Dave Holland And Elvin Jones
                    The Sweetest Punch: Songs Of Elvis Costello And Burt Bacharach - honestly, i'm not really a fan of elvis costello, but this record has some beautiful arrangements.
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                      blues dream was a really nice album, great performance from the entire band

                      rambler has some really nice tunes too, and the performance as all always top notch

                      In most of his discography you can find diamonds, one of the most inspiring guitar player around.


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                        Loveeeeee Naked City. That's all I've heard with him on it (that I'm aware of).
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                          I completely forgot to recommend Power Tools - 'Strange Meeting'. A trio with Melvin Gibbs and Ronald Shannon Jackson. A little hard to find now as a CD but worth seeking out. One of the great jazz albums of the '80s!

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                            "Boubacar" off East/West is incredible.
                            Originally Posted by Rainer Maria Rilke

                            Sound, no longer measurable
                            with sense of hearing. As if that tone
                            outstripping us on every side
                            were space maturing.


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                              East/West was my introduction to him, recommended. Gone, Just Like a Train is another good one. Also all of the albums he did for ECM. I want to get Live next, since it has received a lot of praise.

                              If you want to hear him in a more conventional setting, I warmly recommend Paul Motian
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