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Pink Floyd Thoughts - anyone else feel the same way?

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  • Pink Floyd Thoughts - anyone else feel the same way?

    I've been expanding my limited knowledge of Pink Floyd over the last week or so. I had previously heard everything up and including DSOTM plus the classic rock radio standards, but I found my wife's burned copies of some later stuff. So I listened to The Wall for the first time and she played me some songs she liked off of Division Bell, Delicate Sound of Thunder, etc.

    Now, it seems like most people agree that The Wall is more of a Roger Waters solo album and is weaker for it. I assumed that I didn't like Roger Waters because he's a dick or whatever, but The Wall is great. Of course, as a Who fan I'm fond of overblown double albums. On the other hand, I find that whenever David Gilmour is doing his thing half the time it's great and half the time it's boring, jazzy strat noodling that sounds like it should be on the soundtrack to Lethal Weapon 5.

    Even on earlier stuff like Shine On You Crazy Diamond. The Division Bell stuff I heard was pretty bad, but that could just be chalked up to 'aging rockers sub-par later album' syndrome.

    Is this a minority opinion on a guitar effects forum, or are there other people here who don't worship at the altar of David Gilmour? Also, what should I seek out next? I don't think I've heard anything off of Animals. Are The Final Cut or any of the Waters solo albums up to par?

    And yes, I realize I should have heard all this stuff in high school.

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    i don't care for it. i'm sure it's not that uncommon


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      Animals is great. The best Roger Waters solo album is The Final Cut. I'm also a fan of Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking and Amused to Death. They're an acquired taste, though.


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        i don't care for the wall, but the final cut is my favorite pf album. i dont' think david sings at all on that album, but his solos are breath taking.

        animals is a cool album.


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          I'm kind of at the opposite end of the spectrum. I love Gilmour's playing and tone, but I struggle to appreciate the songs as a whole.
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            The best Roger Waters solo album is The Final Cut.



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              as far as im concerned every album waters was on was a waters solo album with the other guys dicking around on top of his songs. when he left the good songs followed him.


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                The Wall is great. Animals is great. All of the older stuff is great too. I liked the newer stuff too, but it's not the same, and it isn't supposed to be. The Wall is such a great concept album, with the movie too, watch it if you haven't. First time I saw it was for a political science class in college. Was never much of a fan before that (this was the 80's). After that, I watched it again and again, once three times in a row while on acid. Quite a trip, lol.

                I like Gilmour a lot, he's done a lot for music, and the guitar. No need to worship him, but no need to bash him either. Just enjoy what's he done for music, not many like him.


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                  the final cut is my favorite pf album.



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                      Big Gilmour fan but I don't worship everything he's done. I love Animals. A lot of people slagged it when it came out but it has been one of my favorite Pink Floyd albums since day 1. The Wall would be much better if disc II never existed and disc 1 contained Hey You, Comfortably Numb and Run Like Hell. I thought The Final Cut was garbage and a sad ending to an excellent lineup.

                      David Gilmour's first solo album is fantastic, everything else including "Pink Floyd Inc" (non-Waters Floyd) has moments here and there but nothing great from start to finish.
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                        I think David has a much smoother voice that blends well with their "good days." Artistically, DSOTM is an existential masterpiece as far as pop-rock standards go. The wall has some standout tracks but most of it i find to be kind of whiney and too blatant in an existential sense. I don't know that it can be seperated out by member, as I think a lot of it depended on the chemistry of the band of the time.
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                          I like all of the Pink Floyd stuff up to the breakup, Pros and Cons is good, Amused to Death is pretty cool too. Floyd after the breakup is watered down studio musician adult contemporary crap. Gilmour is at his best when he is playing Rogers songs.
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                            I think people as a rule are too harsh on Waters as a person. From reading into both sides of the story, it sounds like he was usually the one with a specific vision or message he wanted to get across, and once the band achieved success the others started to become increasingly lazy at actually writing. It's a common view that Waters took over the band and forced them to do his own whimsical thing on "The Wall" (which I think has lots of great songs on it), but I've also read that the reason it was mostly a Waters album is that he wrote two album's worth of material, the band were contractually obligated to release albums, and despite waters desperately trying to get the other guys involved, no one was producing the goods except him.

                            Nick Mason was happy just to do what he was told, Rick was fired from the band due to his apathy and (IIRC) drug addiction, and Gilmour isn't really a songwriter - if you look his own work, He always gets someone else in to write the lyrics, co-composers, he'll use generic chord sequences, basically to create a vehicle for his own talent, which is his guitar playing and good singing voice.

                            I think my basic view is that Roger Waters was an artist in the sense that he developed a social consciousness and a sound, and actually wrote songs. David Gilmour I don't think had those original ideas or an actual message to put across, he just likes making music that sounds good and works with songwriters and a good production team to do that.
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                              I'm not a fan of this but there is a short movie version of The Final Cut. I didn't know it existed until recently. I'll take Live At Pompeii over this stuff any day.

                              From Live At Pompeii:

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