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Coffee drinker. Lighter or Darker roast. Why?


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    I prefer dark roast coffee. Why? Because I like it to taste less like water and more like coffee. I prefer dark beer too, maybe there is a correlation.

    My name is Diocide and I approve this message.
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      I like the lighter roast, less bitter. I also tend to not put sugar in my coffee.


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        rarely drink coffee (5-10 times a month), but it's espresso if I do. short or long.

        I prefer my caffeine in tea


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          My name is Diocide and I approve this message.

          me too. i think if i didnt smoke id probably enjoyed milder tastes more but i think id still only drink dark beers.


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            still get this mailed to me regularly... best in the world

            Wise man. Also,

            man up, girls.
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            Originally Posted by IRG:
            "reunula speaks the trooth"


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              I will say this - I don't particularly care for weak blends. YMMV.

              i'm sure you're aware of this but light roasts do not necessarily equal weak blends! too true though about there being too many variables... i try and just make it myself most of the time since it's cheaper and more consistent. i've been cold brewing for the most of the summer and it's been great - i usually make like 3-4 liters at a time and it lasts for the whole week between my gf and myself. super easy and the most delicious way to make iced coffee.

              also, if it tastes too watery it probably just means you suck at making coffee.
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                Rich Corinthian Leather.


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                  Dark beers are where it's at.
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                    If it doesn't make you grind your teeth like a meth addict, it ain't strong enough.


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                      beer coffee
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                        coffee please!!!

                        strong, no sugar!

                        once had turkish coffee in istambul right upon arrival and no one told me I had to wait for it to settle before drinking straight up as if it was a shot of espresso!
                        second worst sensation ever!!!

                        the first one was back when I used to put sugar in coffee and put a spoon of salt instead!!! HOLY ****************!!!
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                          beer coffee

                          It exists
                          Originally Posted by Zappa74

                          Beer is like overdrive pedals.

                          At the volume I play, they're all the same.


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                            I like a medium roast. I used to be into the Starbucks burnt to **************** coffee but I could'nt take it anymore. A little cream and I am good.
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                              Screw all that noise.

                              I take one of these cups:

                              Throw it into this Keurig:

                              With a splash of this stuff:

                              Best cup of coffee evar.

                              Originally Posted by Naterel

                              Itchyfingers gets my vote, his pedals scream class

                              Originally Posted by bird turbo

                              I have a kid like that in the band I play in at my church. I just wanna kick in his little face.

                              Originally Posted by Poltergeist

                              it sounds like a pitbull is eating the Universe.


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                                I like coffee that is roasted an appropriate amount for the profile of the bean being roasted. Usually that is lighter than most large, nation-wide available, coffee roasters do it (longer shelf life if it's darker). Even though they'll say it's a light roast, if it's on the grocery store shelf it's pretty relative.

                                Some beans don't want to be too dark. If you over roast a good Ethiopian bean it looses all character to that bean. Most Sumatran beans don't have much subtle character, so they can be roasted a little darker to draw out an earthy flavor.

                                Roast in and of itself means nothing. A good roaster will roast a good bean to where it makes the best coffee.

                                This! x1000. How did it take 35 post to get this response?! There are two small roasters in Grand Rapids that take this kind o care. One I don't frequent because it is for elitist hipsters, and since I don't own a MacBook I get ****************ty service. There other one has amazing coffee, great staff, and is all about providing a great experience. This plac is called Rowsters. Check it if you are ever in town.