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Coffee drinker. Lighter or Darker roast. Why?


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    Dark all the way.
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      jungle fever up in here
      Originally Posted by Player99

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      Originally Posted by eco1

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        I like a medium roast.


        Though I really don't give too much of a ****************. I'll drink whatever's there in the morning.
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          yes cuban beans
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          Originally Posted by Naterel

          I dunno, my glasses were dirty from slider grease thats why my vision was blurry.

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            I like a medium roast. Dark roasts taste oily to me.

            The more you roast the bean the more you carbonize the sugars in them, and the oils begin to seep to the surface.

            Originally Posted by misterstomach

            I'm more concerned that people **************** their pants and cry when i play than i am that it sounds good.


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              Originally Posted by Drifter182

              whenever I see one of these threads I pictures Phils face at the back of a dim-light bar slamming his empty glass of gin and coke a bit loudly on the table muttering something about "....stupid band, always giving me a headache with thread titles....." he wipes his lips away in disgust and quietly walks into the night, wishing his Class 5 had black tape on it.


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                still get this mailed to me regularly... best in the world
                Originally Posted by cryptosonic

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                Originally Posted by TravvyBear

                Ever took a ****************, then looked at it and realized you could take that much dick?


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                  if i need a boost i just do coke.


                  We just spent $64,000 in that bar. We're going to have to get jobs, to cover up the fact that we rob banks.


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                    i like a medium to dark roast. depends on my mood/day/time/season i suppose.

                    im not a huge coffee snob. i drink coffee with creme and sugar sometimes, and other times i drink it black.
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                      Medium or dark roast for me through a stove top espresso maker or an Aeropress. Mmmm... Coffee

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                        Medium to dark roast for me. But I like most coffee if it's good quality.


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                          90% of the time I always use a dark roast. But lately I've been wanting less of a bold flavor, and more of a rich flavor? I'm bad at coffee terms..but anyways, I was thinking about switching to a medium roast. I use splenda, no creme and a Bodum French Press. I wouldn't call myself a coffee snob, but I'm at the point where if I'm making my own cup, a drip brew just doesn't cut it.


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                            Is there a TCP for snobby coffee enthousiasts?

                            J/k, I'm an addict myself. Aero press and dark roast ftw.


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                              Medium and dark roasts for me. I usually find light roasts a bit too acidic.


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                                I just get whatever looks good at Fairway. Sometimes dark, sometimes medium o light.
                                Cause sometimes the rhetoric don't go with the contents