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What's your favorite looping pedal?


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    LFLJ - very small footprint and the eq/filtering is nice. It doesn't do much, but I like the limitation. There's nothing quite like the vibrato on it either (although I rarely use it).

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      I've had Boss and jamman. Preffered the jm. M9 is on its way. Lets see.
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        if i had the money i'd spring for a Boomerang III for sure.

        m9 looper is great, but clearly not an option if you don't need the rest of the effects though

        currently i've got an RC-20xl too and it does everything I need

        You can fet one of those midi controllers that allows external control of the m9 looper.


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          DL4 for me.
          have tried the boss rc20, strymon timeline and akai headrush and none of them delivered for my particular needs. for ambient/experimental looping stuff at least, the DL4 is king IMO.
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            Loving the RC2. So many options in that little box. The names of the modes are symbols and can easily confuse you but once you learn how to use it,
            it's great if you need to save some jams over some phat beats.
            I have a DL4, Boomerang +, SMMH... But I need an undo function.
            I once had an RC20 which i found to be hard to use and I just thought the E2 headrush was ok. Need to try a Jamman.
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              ^ yeah, loopers are great practice tools, and make playing alone infinitely more fun. the boomerang is my favorite. it can't save, undo, or set a tempo, but it's so fun and immediate, creates seamless loops too. i've had the boss rc2,rc20, rc20xl, m9, m13, boomerang, and boomerang+. don't know if i'd get on with the boomerang 3.


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                  i have the jamman stereo and im just getting the hang of it but i really like it.

                  i will say though, besides my gripes with how loud the repeats are on the delay modes, the looper on the dl4 was great. simple to use and sounded really good.
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                    I haven Akai Headrush 2....I like it because it's simple and easy to use. No fancy bells and whistles

                    Also have an RC50....totally different thing....all the bells and whistles.

                    The boomerang 3 looks awesome though
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                      what/ who is this beasty?
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                        headrush e2 and dl-4


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                          Some people dislike that you have to hold down while looping, but I have NEVER had any timing problems with this like I do with the click in - click out loopers.

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