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OT: Sacrifising two electrics for a new acoustic gtr?


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  • OT: Sacrifising two electrics for a new acoustic gtr?

    This one pretty much haunts my dreams:

    I can snatch one for slightly less than what it normally goes for new. Full warranty, mintcond, just missing the original papers and packaging...

    I find myself playing acoustic more than I play electric. Love my taylor BT2 to death, but it sure ain't the same as a real full size acoustic...

    I know it's mainly cause it's summer, I just sit outside a lot these days...
    But try telling that to my GAS:s

    Anyway, I'd have to get rid of a couple of my neglected electrics if I wanna do this, so I'd like to hear from people that know this model better than I do...

    Opinions? Cheers.

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    Gorgeous. Was at a show on Monday and a mate was playing a similar if not the same model. Man would I love one of those.

    You only need one electric.....


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      what is this "acoustic guitar" you speak of?
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        Those guitars sound fantastic.

        IMO it's WAAAAAY harder to find a killer acoustic than an electric. If that thing floats your boat sonically, then go for it.


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          Yes! Acoustics are amazing things to have, especially when you find "yours"


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            Is that a 15 Series?
            If so do it.


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                Nope - that's exactly the one you should own, Thom
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                  I've come close to picking up one of these a couple of times. The mahogany body and neck makes these lovely warm sounding fingerpickers. Usually I see them about
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                    Go for it.

                    I got a wonderful mahogany/spruce Taylor DN5 on a steal, and though I don't play it as much as I should, everytime I pick it up it's magic. It's an awesome thing to find a great acoustic that clicks with you.


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                      Oh grandpa guitars.

                      Yeah I have one just like that, I think (000-15?). It's lovely-sounding but not incredibly loud.


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                        what is this "acoustic guitar" you speak of?

                        Protest singers play them.
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                        Originally Posted by zero=infinity

                        I have been forced to register after years of lurking. This is truly epic.

                        I'm from Waukesha, currently living in Milwaukee. Where does this **** live??

                        I want this to make national news.


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                          http://soundcloud.com/infinite_fluxNew crappy band, Infinite Flux


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                            Something to consider with a Martin: original owner gets a lifetime warranty, and if it's a good one, you will keep it for the rest of your life. If anything goes wrong, they fix it for free. I had to take my D-18 in once after owning it for about 20 years, and may need to again.

                            FWIW, I like my D-18 way better than my OOO-35, or any of my electrics for that matter. The D-18 is the one thing I'd grab on the way out of a burning building.


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                              Do it. I've been rocking a OOO size Martin acoustic for the past 6 years and love it to death. Only acoustic I will ever need. Mine is the 000x1 model. Go for it!
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