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READ THE RULES OR GET BANNED - Weekly spam thread 8-15-12


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    FS/FT(EU) Offset & Hollowbody guitars
    Fender CIJ Jazzmaster SDpups, mustang bridge;
    Fender CIJ Jazzblaster, WRHB Ri,mustang bridge, D&B neck;
    Ibanez Artcore AK85 full hollow body;
    PM for better pics!
    Interested in:guitars mostly - Gibsons,Gretsches,Tyler variax,Fenders,Duesenbergs...



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      Prices for all items are FIRM and include shipping and insurance for destinations in the continental US. The expected trade value of most items will be higher than their cash sale price. A 10% discount will be applied if multiple items are purchased.

      Palmer PDI-09 "The Junction" DI/speaker simulator $138
      -I am the original owner
      -Near mint condition
      -Includes original box and manual
      -Passive design that requires no power
      -Three EQ contours and attenuation levels
      -Ground lift switch
      -Great alternative to the digital speaker simulation in amp modelers
      -Does not have a load simulator (by design), so you would still need an external speaker with an amplifier

      Source Audio Soundblox Phaser, Wireless Hothand Controller, and Adapter $118
      -Way cheaper than buying everything new
      -Includes original box, pedal, wireless expression controller, charger, receiver, and Danelectro adapter
      -Center knob is loose, but the unit is fully functional
      -Extremely versatile digital phaser with a surprisingly lush sound

      Wobo Double Looper with Invert Switch *ON HOLD*
      -Near mint condition
      -100% functional
      -Can be used as a conventional TB Looper, AB box, or AB/Y box
      -Invert feature provides additional switching options

      Boss PS-3 Digital Pitch-Shifter/Delay $138
      -Some cosmetic wear
      -Provides multiple pitch shifting and delay effects
      -Fully Functional
      -Danelectro 9.6V adapter included

      [COLOR="blue"]I am also on the verge of adding the following items to the heap as of 08/20/12:
      Lexicon LXP-5 multifx processor - $50 shipped
      Zoom SB-246 Streetboxx Drum Machine - $100 shipped
      Two Behringer KX1200 Keybord amps - $100 for both (local pickup only)

      Prices for all items are FIRM and include shipping and insurance for destinations in the continental US. The expected trade value of most items will be higher than their cash sale price. A 10% discount will be applied if multiple items are purchased.

      ERG and multifx fanatic.


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        Out of production Epiphone Nick Valensi Riviera with great epi case.
        The guitar plays/sounds/looks amazing. I dig it a lot. P-94 pickups explode.

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          ~~FOR SALE~~

          [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]FULLTONE OCTAFUZZ v.1 --> this is pretty much a new old stock Fulltone Octafuzz with the toggle switch to go between Fuzz & Octave Up Fuzz. Comes with the original Fulltone box, instruction sheet & unused sticker. $130 shipped to the lower 48

          [COLOR="DimGray"]BOSS RV-3 --> like new condition with original box, manual, & unused Mode sticker! $110 shipped to the lower 48

          [COLOR="gray"]KEELEY FUZZRITE --> very limited edition (only 40 of these were made) crafted by Chris Mahonry for Keeley Electronics. This is brand new and in the box. I've seen these being sold for $320+ but I'm looking for $240 shipped to the lower 48

          SOULDIER NEIL YOUNG PEACE STRAP --> yes, this picture is from Chicago Music Exchange but the strap is exactly like this one. Brand new & unused. $40 shipped to the lower 48

          [COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"]BOSS DD-5 --> couple of little knicks on the bottom right corner but otherwise it is in fantastic condition. $110 shipped to the lower 48

          [COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"]BOSS DD-3 --> brand new, in-the-box with all paperwork, etc. $80 shipped to the lower 48
          "That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die." -- Me


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            forgot about this one... ends today....

            http://www.ebay.com/itm/221103886920?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p39 84.m1555.l2649
            Formerly known as Spoonie G.



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              I've got up for sale a Mesa Boogie TA-15 w/ JJ power tubes. Comes with bag and footswitch. LOVE this amp (especially the AC side!!), just need $ to cover other stuff.


              Sale price: $725 shipped/paypal'd OBO conus.

              Feel free to try me on trades, but I'm mostly looking for a sale. Thanks.
              Originally Posted by knobs.

              what i really want to do is legally **************** his ass, i know it'll probably be a pretty long procedure but it's going to be worth it.

              Originally Posted by Phil O'Keefe

              Pardon my french, but whomever it was who started this and thought it would be "funny" is an ****************************.

              My band: Nine Worlds

              Spam: Nada
              Trade References


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                WTB a 12" celestion Vintage 30 8 ohm speaker.
                good transactions: themeanreds, OnWingsOfLead, bass_econo, PumpkinPieces, meganutt7, Used666, mrweems, scoogs, TravvyBear, joeya, wiz-ski, conky


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                  WTB Boss DS-2 and a EHX Polychorus.



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                    [COLOR="#ff00ff"]YO BrentMpls

                    Lookin at dat Melx. Your PM box is full.


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                      WTB: Sonic Crayon Vibrato

                      let me know if you've got one
                      YᵒᵘOᶰˡʸLᶤᵛᵉ OᶰᶜᵉRobopimp wrote:Chat crüe is srs crüeFor Sale: Ibanez DML-10, Boss TW-1, Boss FZ-2/3Good deals with: Duderanimous, Overwhelmed987, Jules-RM, DoubleBarrel, HotRats, Fusion1, IRG, barney steele, Aaron SS, Urinate Forever, Raintes, crowquill, Blakemore Effects, Aimmar Cair, lefort_1, killthelights, 9720575 (CHUCK!)


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                        [COLOR="red"]EDIT : ALL SOLD! THANK YOU!

                        [COLOR="royalblue"]I've asked all of you for payment (a few of you have already sent payment). I will ship all four before the end of the week, all tracked and insured, then contact each of you individually with tracking info! Refund is available for the first month after you receive it in case you decide it isn't your thing.

                        Oh yeah, forgot to say that this thing can be set very deep, very slow, or very fast if you want it. Slowest is a few seconds for a cycle, fastest is nearly ringmod speeds. Depth goes between virtually undetectable all the way to a couple octave sweep. It does subtle too.

                        One of four Sonic Crayon Vessel's End

                        Vibrato with the following controls: Blend, Speed, Crackle (vinyl crackle sim), Depth and LFO Shape (sine, triangle, square, saw and random). Two trimpots inside: Output volume for affected signal, and crackle "pattern". Play with it and see. Serial #'s 12, 13, 14 and 15. #12 has the green PCB instead of the purple. These darken the sound a bit, and there's a tiny fraction of a delay of silence between bypassed and effect. Doesn't bother most people. Deal with it.

                        $225 US + shipping (usually $25 for north america).
                        PayPal payment within a day is needed. will ship tracked (if available) and insured USPS before the end of the week.

                        First 4 PMs get them.

                        I'm bad at demos:

                        Older model. Sounds the same, but is lacking crackle and blend control.



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                          Want to trade excellent condition Timmy (velcro attached to bottom) for excellent condition Rotovibe OR Tubeworks Blue Tube pedal OD

                          Alternate tunings blog

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                          Athée intégriste


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                            Stock M/B F-30, original except 1 12AX7. Excellent condition, no tears. Includes cover and footswitch. $650.00 shipped paypal to CONUS. Not interested in any trades.

                            Specs here: http://www.mesaboogie.com/Product_In...F-30/F-30.html

                            The Artist Formerly Known As Señor Cleavage.
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                              Empress Superdelay - bare metal version. $285
                              Includes box and AC adapter.

                              EHX Freeze. $85
                              Includes original box and AC adapter

                              Agile Argus baritone with GFS P90s. $SOLD

                              Various Telecaster parts
                              Texas Tele pickup set - $70 (from Fender FSR Western Telecaster)
                              Pots, knobs, jack, 4-way switch - $25
                              Pickguards - $10 each. (1 ply black, 3 play white/black/white)

                              Syscomp Circuit Gear CGR-101 Oscilloscope & Function Generator. $150
                              Used only once or twice.
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                                i got:
                                BOSS MIJ DS1
                                BOSS MIJ CS-3
                                Ibanez AF9

                                would love to trade for a high gain dirt box, or make me an offer.
                                ESP M1 - ltd PB500 - ltd H1000 - Ibanez S Classic - Epiphone Goth Explorer - Ibanez SRP 400 - OLP MM2
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