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Essential pedals: What are yours?

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    My fulldrive. But if I couldn't replace it or whatever I could do a boss od3, another micro amp (two cascading), or something.
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      Turbo Tuner, Diamond Comp, HBOD, AR20DL.


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        BAT Pharaoh

        Boss DD-5

        EHX Small Stone USA

        a good spring reverb pedal if i don't have an amp with a good spring reverb or a tube unity.
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          Reverb - Boss Rv-5 or Rv-3
          Fuzz - Zvex Fuzz Factory

          third is optional, it may be:
          boost - SHO or Rat
          Tremolo - Boss Tr-2
          another fuzz - Superfuzz style
          Looper - RC-2


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            My ARC SHO clone and Carbon Copy. They just sound to sweet to ever give up. Unless I got a 616...
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              thats a joke right ?

              Compared to what the average modeler offers nowadays, that's a pretty sparse lineup.
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                A tuner. I like my TU-3.
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                  CS-2, SD-1, CE-2 and delay. Could do without the compressor if I had to.
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                    Phase 90 and Corona chorus!
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                      Blackarts Toneworks Revelation. Gotta have that amp slammin goodness. Everything else I could do without.
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                          give me a hammett sig crybaby, ibanez ts-9 or green rhino and a boss ce-2 chorus and im happy

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                            Polytune, OCD, nova delay.

                            Muff is an honorable mention.
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                              Compression and EQ get used more than anything else around here. After that, it's a toss-up between dirt and delay, then reverb, with modulation effects (chorus, tremolo, autopanning, etc.) and other filters coming in behind that.

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                                E2 headrush if I could have two.
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