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Essential pedals: What are yours?

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  • Essential pedals: What are yours?

    The ones you can't live without? I have money sitting there just waiting to be spent.
    Originally Posted by H.R. Shove and Stuff

    Sometimes I blink for hours.

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    Speaking truly practically - Timmy, Polytune, TR2.

    Speaking more creatively - Monsterpiece Classic, Lofi Loop Junky.


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      For rich cleans.

      Voodoo Labs Giggity
      Way Huge Pork Loin
      Hardwire (Lexicon) Reverb 7


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        My essential pedals are my EP Booster and Dr. Scientist Mini Reverberator. The EP just sweetens up my tone and I love reverb and the Dr. Scientist has been my favorite that I've tried.
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          ya know, I just cant chose between the left and the right on the old Schwinn.

          :eyerolls at thread:

          hot chilis tubester, toaned down with a 12at or12au7 for the subtle preamp foundation
          after that, everything has been cloned so there's no essentials.
          just wait like the douchedom here for all prices to drop to the cost of a prisonworker's-soul-over-shipping from CashXin Bhey province.

          :more eyerolls:
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            Without sound too clich
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              The two pedals that I almost always use are:

              Colorsound Power Boost
              Boss PN-2

              Other favourites:

              EHX DMM
              Marshall Bluesbreaker (original version)

              BUT... (after almost 20 years of playing guitar and having owned 100s of pedals in that time) I don't really consider any pedal essential; if I didn't have any pedals it wouldn't stop me from making music - as long as I had a nice amp (ideally with 2 channels and built-in tremolo) I'd be quite content.

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                most used pedals for me are:

                dyna comp
                tuna melt


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                  Absolutely Essential?


                  Everything else I could take or leave


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                    just got my gsp1101 but so far its pretty sweet. building a large pedal board again seems like so much work and i am not sure it would sound any better. i love how easy it is to control and edit patches.
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                      Honestly, I don't think there are any I can't live without. I mean, I love my Fingerprint, but if it disappeared or broke and I couldn't replace it, I would make do with another fuzz I like, such as the clari(not) or the zoom ultra fuzz. Same with my reverb. I primarily use a Magicstomp, and I've got a load of cool patches on it and I think it's swell, but I could get by with a digiverb if I had to.
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                        If I were to cut *my* board right down to the essentials for a gig, it would probably go:

                        guitar -> TC Polytune -> Foxrox ZIM (fuzzface / tubescreamer) -> Vox Delaylab -> amp

                        Dirt pedals are probably the most addictive, and seem to be the ones people get on to the neverending carousel over- I'd be using the ZIM as much out of practicality as preference- it's got two independent channels that I can switch out for a range of different dirts ("transparent" ODs, clean boost, TS-style, Muff, Fuzzface, RAT etc) as and when I need a different sound but it takes up only slightly more space than a 1590BB sized pedal (ie Little Big Muff) and runs off a standard 9v supply.

                        TBH, most people won't know or care what overdrive pedal you're using if your playing doesn't suck, so shut up and play yer guitar


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                          A good tuner, a clear overdrive that has a solid low end, and an analog delay.


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                            Ring Thing

                            Everything else, I could live without.
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                              Double Hotcake. Provides all the dirt I need.
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