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My singer has killed someone!!


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    I feel terrible for laughing, but ****************, there's even a song called 'Sgt. Slaughter' on your second album!

    You should totally milk the tortured-artist-turned-murderer angle and cash in big time.


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      There's also a song called "King Pistol".

      Recommended if You Like

      Bone Thugs and Harmony Jim Morrison Tupac Shakur

      This is what made me laugh.
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      Originally Posted by zero=infinity

      I have been forced to register after years of lurking. This is truly epic.

      I'm from Waukesha, currently living in Milwaukee. Where does this **** live??

      I want this to make national news.


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        Quote Originally Posted by Player99
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        If this happened in Canada he would have hit him with a snowball, as we have no guns.

        = no freedom
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          Have him kill himself on stage then you guys make jewelery out of pieces of his skull then I'll be impressed. Wait, never mind.

          Sorry about your singer. Sounds like he got himself in quite a pickle.


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            Wait that guy killed himself in his bathtub, not onstage.
            Originally Posted by arthurdent'd

            Canadian politeness is not very rock-n-roll.


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              Quote Originally Posted by 4nd3h
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              Wait that guy killed himself in his bathtub, not onstage.

              Oh then I would be impressed with my first statement.


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                One of these guys was my best man

                I wish he had killed someone.

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                  If the guy referred to in the OP killed all the kiddy porn guys then this thread would be full of win. As it stands it sucks ass.


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                    Grubgoat, my sympathies for you loss, and the victim's family. Are you sure that posting about it on HCFX is the suggested therapy?

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                    A murder-rap has worked for many an artist to increase their street cred.

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                      Click Clack Bang Bang

                      We in the murda bizness

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                        He went outside but there were cops all over

                        Then he dipped into a car, a stolen Nova

                        Raced up the block doin' 83

                        Crashed into a tree, near university

                        Escaped alive, though the car was battered

                        Rat-a-tat-tatered and all the cops scattered

                        Ran out of bullets and he still had static

                        Grabbed the pregnant lady and pulled out the automatic

                        Originally Posted by Naterel

                        Itchyfingers gets my vote, his pedals scream class

                        Originally Posted by bird turbo

                        I have a kid like that in the band I play in at my church. I just wanna kick in his little face.

                        Originally Posted by Poltergeist

                        it sounds like a pitbull is eating the Universe.


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                          Man that is ****************ing nutty! I wish I had more to say other than at least more people didn't die.

                          Quote Originally Posted by 4nd3h
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                          Wait that guy killed himself in his bathtub, not onstage.

                          He wasn't in a bathtub brah, even had all is clothes on. That record cover is the definition of kvlt.
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                          Originally Posted by Sex Panther

                          He stole the suit from Clapton, and stole the music from SRV. I'm still trying to figure out where he stole his crappy airy voice from. A mix of Dave Matthews, and somebody who sucks.

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                            damn thats ****************ed up. pretty cool he had a police chase too, always wonder what that would be like

                            sry for your loss, ymmv weird situation for sure
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                              That is nuts
                              Cause sometimes the rhetoric don't go with the contents


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                                thank goodness hcfx wasn't down