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  • Powering the Pedals

    I am sure this has been covered before but as a newbie to expansive pedal use I wanted any helpful tips on powering my array of pedals and the best daisy chain to use.

    i have heard about the T Rex and Voodoo amongst others.

    Any opinions here and across the pond would be grateful.

    my pedal line is as follows:

    EH holy stain, dod vibrothang, wilsons octave fuzz, eh memory toy delay, jim dunlop wah, akai headrush, joyo overdrive, daneelectro echo, digitech synth wah.

    I am lookign to get a whammy and a flanger pedal to lighten it up

    I put all this thru a Ibanez white amp head with cabinet.


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    pedal power 2 has been trusty and reliable for me


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      one spot works fine for me, not sure what the power requirements are for some of those tho


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        Yeah, with more than say 3 or 4, I would totally go with a box like the PP2 or BBE Supa Charger. I ran a 1 Spot with like 7 pedals at one point and there were definitely some noise issues.
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          I have a BBE Supa Charger, DC Brick, and 1 Spot. Just ordered this Joyo 10 isolated output for $44:
          To get the half off price, you have to add a Mooer pedal and the coupon code mooer132
          Check the Mooer Code thread for for more info.
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            I use a diago power supply, I'd maybe take a look at the Joyo power supply if I'm running that many effects.


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              I used the Voodoo Labs one, now I use the rechargable Sanyo one because I don't have to plug it in. Less hassle.


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                This guy, who's an expert on pedal power supplies, doesn't think the Joyo jp-02 is really an isolated power supply. Scroll down to Joyo for more info. http://stinkfoot.se/archives/808


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                  isolation must not refuse us