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Anybody ever use/play with an EHX Knockout?


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  • Anybody ever use/play with an EHX Knockout?

    I picked one up in a trade recently, and it's a pretty neat little pedal. Seems like an EQ/clean boost that's actually true bypass, which is damn near impossible to find. Plus, nobody ever seems to understand what exactly it is.

    Near as I can tell, it's kind of a clean boost that can add lows and highs after the fact. With the 'low' and 'high' knobs on zero, the 'dry' control works like a straight-up clean boost; then, you can use the other knobs to boost pre-EQ'd lows or highs to taste. The controls seem to interact a fair amount, but after some finagling, you can pull off some cool, if basic, EQ tricks. Works well as a treble, bass or clean boost, and the 'low' control adds an awesome, eerily Big Muff-esque bottom end to a clean tone.

    Anyway, it's a weird pedal with some cool, if nuanced, uses. Still not sure why EHX advertises it as some kind of turn-your-humbuckers-into-single-coils thing. I mean, yeah, it can do that if you EQ in an extreme cut to the mids, but the pedal is really capable of so, so much more. CSB, etc. Anybody ever use one?
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    Yeah I had one for a while, helped make my Strat sound more like an acoustic (I use this very lightly), which was cool to layer effects on. It made my SG sound more like a tele (but not quite). It certainly has its uses, but I found it worked best with the strat for a slightly different EQ sound.
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      I have a vintage Attack Equalizer, which the Knockout was modeled after. Cool pedal, though not one that gets a lot of use, like my Screaming Tree. They are most useful to use with my Gretsch which has TV Jones Classics and sometimes could use a little extra bite at the top.