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READ THE RULES OR GET BANNED - Weekly spam thread 11-12-12

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  • READ THE RULES OR GET BANNED - Weekly spam thread 11-12-12

    Welcome to the spam thread.



    The Rules:

    I'll try to close the previous week's spam thread sometime each Sunday evening / early Monday morning. At that time, the previous week's spam thread will be unstuck and locked. Everyone will be able to still read it as it drops off page one, but it won't be "bump-able".

    One post per person, per weekly spam thread.

    If the details have changed - for example, a item or two on your list has sold, you've lowered your asking price, or you no longer are looking for a new XYZ Toobyeller cheep - EDIT your original post.

    ANY and all exceptions to the one post, per person per weekly spam thread rule need to be approved by me PRIOR to the second post.

    This thread is for "want to buy", "want to sell" and "want to trade" posts ONLY. If you have a question about an item that's listed, please contact the seller via PM or email - don't ask questions in the thread.

    New pedal announcements from builders go in here too. The "one per week" rule applies. No discussion or questions about announcements in here. If someone unaffiliated with the builder wants to start a separate thread asking about it, that's fine, and the builder can respond - but we're getting way too many builder started "announcement" threads lately, so we're going to try this for a while instead.

    If you have questions regarding a certain pedal brand / type, or its suitability for various purposes / tasks, please do a search or start a new thread for that discussion.

    If a seller is asking too much (in your opinion), don't slam them for it in the thread. Yes, it might be helpful to some buyers, but OTOH, buyers should take the time to research anything they're considering buying...

    HC does not have any involvement in sales between private parties, or members and builders, and this ongoing weekly thread is posted as a public service - as always, caveat emptor et venditor!

  • mercutioburns

    Looking to fund some other purchases.

    I'd rate the guitar 8/10, where all its issues are cosmetic. This thing shreds, folks. The snow white color is discontinued and the M-1000 series now come with the inferior Floyd Rose 1000 trem. This has an Original Floyd Rose trem.

    More details here!

    $650 or best offer which includes shipping via USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation and Insurance.

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  • gae86
    FS EHX Bad Stone
    Great '70s phaser, in perfect condition. Modded by italian pedal guru Mr T for volume drop and true-bypass. Comes with its box and warranty card ().

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  • jcm800stratman
    MXR Phase 90 with R28 Mod
    Sounds nice an subtle. Mod was done before I bought it. I have only used it a little. The pedal is in good shape with only a few dings and some scratches...$45 paypal'd and shipped.

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  • senor-penguin
    FS: MXR Wylde Overdrive - [COLOR="red"]$50 SHIPPED
    Would trade for a phase or chorus pedal

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  • bmoncbus

    FS/FT prices pp'd/shipped - pedals include original boxes
    Empress Multidrive - $200
    Wilson Ten Spot II - $130
    Malekko A/D - $75
    Diamond Comp also available

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  • wwhhaatt
    Murf w/ tap tempo and Power supply. I have the manual and maybe the box. - 225$
    Oc2- japan made- 80$
    Montgomery badlands- decal wore off- make offer
    Montgomery beast egg- make offer
    Ibanez compressor 2
    boss ds1- diy modded to keeley seeing eye specs- 35$

    all prices plus actual shipping.
    Open to trades for an M9, M5, voodoo labs GCX, And a reverb pedal

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  • iamthearm
    i have a Bad Horsie wah, a Guttermouth Electronics fuzz factory clone, and a black russian small stone.

    trades i'm interested in:

    OD: ts9, 808, sd1, really any decent low-medium gain OD.
    analog delay (or anything with a nice slapback tone)
    tone bender type fuzz, clones welcome

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  • Lou Speed

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  • Frankenstrat86
    FS: Zendrive clone that I got in a trade a few months ago. Works 100% and sounds good just want to go for something else as a backup drive for those rare times I don't use my amp. $115 shipped/PayPal CONUS and Canada.

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  • StompboxMan
    On Ebay 84.m1586.l2649

    40 minutes left! Last Bid $380. Don't let this rare Spam Can Fuzz Factory pass you by!

    I'm only selling my Spam Can Fuzz Factory to pay my many bills. Please help if you can!

    For Sale is ZVEX 1996 Spam Can Fuzz Factory-The Holy Grail of the Fuzz Factory! It is Super Rare! This rare ZVEX 1996 Spam Can Fuzz Factory was created by Zachary Vex with the first transistors he used when he invented the Fuzz Factory! Spam Can shaped transistors (Pictured) were the original sound of the Fuzz Factory. Highly sought after, Fuzz Factories with Spam Can transistors command prices ranging from $600 to $900. One just sold on Ebay on Oct. 16 for $609.99
    Item Number 130781416411.

    This ZVEX 1996 Spam Can Fuzz Factory is in Great condition and Sold AS IS.

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  • |||||
    Crowther Hot Cake : $130 shipped - like new

    Yamaha MagicStomp : $110 shipped - few scuffs, includes power supply

    *no trades

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  • ugameus
    For trade I have:

    Boss RC-3
    Boss GE-7

    I am open to anything.

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  • duderanimous
    Numerous pedals for sale to fund new amp purchase!

    Prices include shipping to USA/Canada (there will be additional shipping to other locations). Paypal preferred, but US Postal Money Orders are cool, too.

    Skreddy Pig Mine with box & papers - $175.00
    Diamond Halo Chorus w/diamond 18v adapter - $200.00
    Fulltone Soul Bender with box & papers - $125.00
    Wren & Cuff Box of War with box & papers - $175.00 *** SALE PENDING ***
    H.B.E. UFO - $125.00
    Earthbound Audio BEAST - $175.00
    Barber Trifecta - $100.00

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  • hangwire
    see sig, here are some pics

    kick dem springs, its reverb

    and guitar parts

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