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READ THE RULES OR GET BANNED - Weekly spam thread 11-12-12


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    Y'all know the drill. I do graphic design for bands and whatnot. I'd like to do some graphic design for you. I've done lots of work for fellow forumites and it's always been fun. I accept payment in gear or partial payment depending on the amount of work involved. Email williamtmyersiii@gmail.com for details.

    A link to my portfolio is in my signature. Let's do some bidness.


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      I purchased this Spunkytoofers Rabbit Hole directly from Daniel a few years ago and haven't had much opportunity to use it, so I am thinking I could use the money for something a little more in my bell curve. It is a circuit bent Boss PS-2 attached to some Texas Instrument device and loaded with controls for some real mash up effects.

      This article describes it best:


      Mine is exactly like this one and might have been the one he sold just prior to this. As PS-2's get harder to locate, Rabbit Holes become rarer. There are videos that feature the Rabbit Hole in use on Daniel's site.

      $350 shipped CONUS or trade for Goatkeeper or Strymon Blue Sky
      SPAM - Spunkytoofers Rabbit Hole (circuitbent PS-2) $300 shipped CONUS
      E-Mu Ultraproteus, power cord, good shape (minor rack wear) $225 + shipping


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        McSpunkle Gnomeratron VTF. Incredibly deep fuzz pedal with control of interstage gain levels, clipping options, octave, gate, clean boost in front or parallel, etc... 10 knobs and 6 switches should give you a good idea of what there is to tweak. $150

        Seymour Duncan Twin Tube Classic. Great all-tube OD and drive tones with a versatile EQ. Into any clean amp you can a three-channel setup. Low noise even at high gain which is great. $120

        DOD Analog Delay. DOD made these all along with the MN3005 chip. Great clear repeats and usual analog delay fun. These dont get enough respect but IMO they are superior to the Boss DM2 in sound quality. $100

        Stealth Bender. MKII Professional with Tropical Fish caps, carbon film resistors, and great OC75 transistors. $180

        MP Sweet Honey OD copy. Has the proper opamp and all. This thing sounds great and stacks well with other pedals. Its well built too. $100


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          Originally Posted by Rainer Maria Rilke

          Sound, no longer measurable
          with sense of hearing. As if that tone
          outstripping us on every side
          were space maturing.


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            Shure SM58 Beta A $60 shipped
            Monsterpiece NPN baby blue fuzzies $80 shipped
            Verizon iphone 4 16gb black, clean esn $200 shipped

            Pics available
            FS/FT: Shure SM58 Beta good condish, Pioneer SX535 analog Receiver... looking for dirt, tuner, anything really. Pics available just ask


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              Trying to sell a Hardwire DL8 delay/looper. Hit me up if you're interested.
              My mother doesnt like my avatar.

              Originally Posted by diocide

              I used to have a brass pick, but I stopped using it. After using it, my fingers would smell like i fingered a Terminator and I just couldn't get past that. I'm a ****************ing weirdo, I know.

              Church of Wolves



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                Rare, old, vintage, imported and modified pedals for sale!
                Pedals are located in Sydney (Inner West) for pickup or $7 postage Australia wide ($25 worldwide).
                Pics are in the link at the bottom..
                AD-900 (2 chip) - $300
                AD-900 (4 chip) - $280
                AD-80 - $280
                OD-801 D&S (Japanese muff) - $300
                D&S II (small box muff) - $200
                PT-909 (small box) - $140
                PT-909 (tall/slant box, w/ label) - $120
                PT-909 (tall/slant box, no label) - $105
                DS-1 (1984 MIJ, Black Label) - $110
                SG-1 (Near mint, silver screw, MIJ) - $350
                SP-1 (Beat up, works perfect, reeeeaaally old, MIJ) - $400
                PN-2 (rare, near mint) - $160
                HF-2 (missing a knob, MIJ) - $100
                HF-2 (MIJ) - $110
                Also selling some MIJ guitars to Australians ($50 for a courier):
                Greco SV-600 (1979) - $850
                Greco EG-800 (1978) - $750
                Tokai Silver Star (1982) - $550
                All item details are here on eBay (price drops for working outside of eBay though!)
                Toyroom Effects
                Buy My Spam!

                All i wanted was a Pepsi..

                Originally Posted by FreekishBluesFX

                Your Super Crazy Greeny! Like Super Crazy...... Super Crazy. Super Crazy SUper Crazy...... Greeny23 I love how you are so super cool at this Forum YOUR SUPER COOL ... WE NEED TO FIND OUT MORE ON THESE TOXIC PEDALS... I almost bought one. I AM SO PISSED!


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                  Mint Apple iPhone 3GS 8gb with box and everything charger, earbuds all new. ATT. Make offer.


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                    see sig, here are some pics

                    kick dem springs, its reverb

                    and guitar parts

                    FOR SALEBruno Royal Artist 12 string hollowbody $525Tapco 6000R spring reverb mixer


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                      Numerous pedals for sale to fund new amp purchase!

                      Prices include shipping to USA/Canada (there will be additional shipping to other locations). Paypal preferred, but US Postal Money Orders are cool, too.

                      Skreddy Pig Mine with box & papers - $175.00
                      Diamond Halo Chorus w/diamond 18v adapter - $200.00
                      Fulltone Soul Bender with box & papers - $125.00
                      Wren & Cuff Box of War with box & papers - $175.00 *** SALE PENDING ***
                      H.B.E. UFO - $125.00
                      Earthbound Audio BEAST - $175.00
                      Barber Trifecta - $100.00

                      Builder of Monsterpiece Pedals


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                        For trade I have:

                        Boss RC-3
                        Boss GE-7

                        I am open to anything.


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                          Crowther Hot Cake : $130 shipped - like new

                          Yamaha MagicStomp : $110 shipped - few scuffs, includes power supply

                          *no trades

                          good deals with: harryjmic, yem, jhamnett, cleverbastid, dminner, aporcelainsky, Gearhunter, Dingle-B, tsunamijesus, flcmcya, Jules-RM, knives490, almost enough, teletaylor, renula, loderman13, delayed delay, souperman08, Crucial Kyle, vangkm

                          formally known as sondeladick


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                            On Ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/271102411248?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p39 84.m1586.l2649

                            40 minutes left! Last Bid $380. Don't let this rare Spam Can Fuzz Factory pass you by!

                            I'm only selling my Spam Can Fuzz Factory to pay my many bills. Please help if you can!

                            For Sale is ZVEX 1996 Spam Can Fuzz Factory-The Holy Grail of the Fuzz Factory! It is Super Rare! This rare ZVEX 1996 Spam Can Fuzz Factory was created by Zachary Vex with the first transistors he used when he invented the Fuzz Factory! Spam Can shaped transistors (Pictured) were the original sound of the Fuzz Factory. Highly sought after, Fuzz Factories with Spam Can transistors command prices ranging from $600 to $900. One just sold on Ebay on Oct. 16 for $609.99
                            Item Number 130781416411.

                            This ZVEX 1996 Spam Can Fuzz Factory is in Great condition and Sold AS IS.

                            Pedals, Amps, Keyboards and Accessories


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                              FS: Zendrive clone that I got in a trade a few months ago. Works 100% and sounds good just want to go for something else as a backup drive for those rare times I don't use my amp. $115 shipped/PayPal CONUS and Canada.

                              Endorsements/Affiliations: Barlow Guitars, Shoe Pedals, Red Bear Picks, Armor Gold Cables-Xitone Cabs


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                                PDY: The new forum where pages don't take forever to load.

                                "With print you substitute an ear for an extra useless eye." MES

                                Originally Posted by zero=infinity

                                I have been forced to register after years of lurking. This is truly epic.

                                I'm from Waukesha, currently living in Milwaukee. Where does this **** live??

                                I want this to make national news.