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Is my Bad Horsie...bad? Noise question w/clip

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  • Is my Bad Horsie...bad? Noise question w/clip

    I have a newish to me but used, 2003 Bad Horsie and sometimes it makes an ugly noise (other than my playing) in the toe down position and is very noticeable with clean tones.

    It is difficult to explain, so I made a clip of it. I used a clean tone, strummed a chord without using the wah, then kicked the wah in and played until it happened. You'll hear an abrupt edit at about 13 seconds and 4 chords in a row have that noise along with the chord. It didn't record as clearly as it can be heard in person but it sounds crackly, like a bad speaker.

    I seriously doubt this is normal for these pedals but what is it and how can it be fixed? I can't return the pedal for a refund and I really like it anyway except for the occasional glitchy sounds.


    It is this model.

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    Dunno how much it would help, but isnt there an internal trimpot that adjusts the sweep of the wah? Maybe adjust that and see if it helps.
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      Thanks but I'm looking at my BH's guts now and all I see is the pot to adjust the wah off delay. Maybe a cap change would do it but I'm not techhie enough to figure that out. I found a guy online who does BH1 mods for $125.00 (on a $118.00 pedal ) and his demo mp3 still does this. It starts happening a little past 1/2 way through and does it a few times.


      I can live with it and it may not even be noticeable in a band context. If it bothers me too much I'll sell it and get something else.
      The Artist Formerly Known As Señor Cleavage.
      Good deals with: Jim Hunter, vaughn4380, clapointe