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Bill Frisell with the EHX Superego


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    Quote Originally Posted by six acre lake
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    I love Bill Frisell but sometimes I just long for the Naked City days when he was just killing it.



    holy****************! say what you want ... that's an all star lineup. They even had Wayne Horvitz on keys
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      That pedal was made for Frisell, just ripe for what he likes to do. Seems like a royal pain in the ass pedal to use though. No thanks. And that could even be great with bassoon (monophonic instrument becomes polyphonic!) but it just seems like such a pain. Freeze and Hold on the HOG was close, and this is a better implementation, but seems a bit unpredictable.

      At the very least it needs one of those soft touch switches like what people mod their DL4s with.
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        Or EHX can take the boss approach


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          Quote Originally Posted by CicadaSilence
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          His shoes and socks are so cute.


          Love what he did with the SuperEgo - it really is a cool pedal.

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            what a cool player, and cool man all around!
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              The super ego has a click less switch on it.


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                I ****************ing love Bill Frisell. He is making it so difficult for me to decide what kind of Telecaster I want to get though.... Why does he have so many ****************ing cool ones!!
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                Originally Posted by EL KABONG

                just cause Aussies cant have guns (=no freedom) doesnt mean other people cant have them either.

                Originally Posted by Naterel

                Those meatballs came out right

                But that rocket ship is ****************ed up


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                  That was great. Love bill.
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                    Sweet. Thanks for posting!


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                      huge BF fan here. super cool video. i bet he is going to go through a ton of those super egos
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                        has the vid moved/been deleted? was trying to find it last night and it kept routing me to "how to put together a pedalboard"

                        i was like WTF? is this is a sign? am i doing something wrong that will cost me BOTB'12 glory?
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                        Originally Posted by DrakkarTyrannis

                        Ya'll n****s is gay

                        Cheers, Lucius.

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                          I love Bill Frisell but sometimes I just long for the Naked City days when he was just killing it.

                          Hipster statement?


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                            i had a dream last night in my drunken stupor that me and bill frissel had a phone talk or something


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                              and water sports ensued?
                              Originally Posted by Inspector 71

                              I'm only framus in my own mine.

                              Originally Posted by riff ie

                              black hole complementarity, or, you won't feel a thing

                              Originally Posted by christianatl

                              I plan on riding my ****************sled through the pussy apocalypse.


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                                mechanical switches suck for pedals like these where hitting the footswitch often can be an integral part of its usage.
                                I agree. The Boss ME-25 has the best freeze control IMO. You use the expression pedal to lock the sound and control the volume. Heel back is off and moving it forward freezes the sound. Then you can swell it back and forth. Heel back to turn it off and it's ready to go again.

                                Here's a loop I made when I got my SuperEgo last month. I have a Zoom G3 as my last pedal so run the drum machine and then the looper to layer some sounds.

                                Super Ego Sample Loop
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