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My Cyber Monday purchase: The brootz


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  • My Cyber Monday purchase: The brootz

    Over the weekend, I was reminded how much I love my Tech 21 Liverpool...after not using it for a loooooong time, I had to use it as a stand in for my AC30 which is out of commission at the moment. The band mates couldn't believe that a pedal could get so close to my usual amp tone.

    I was perusing the web yesterday, and those 15% off across the board specials were just too good to pass up. So, for absolutely no good reason other than my current rekindled lovefest for the Tech 21 Character Series, and with absolutely no useful purpose in mind for it, I ordered the US Metal pedal.

    It absolutely doesn't fit into our current band lineup in the least. So I have no idea why I got it other than the Character series lovefest. Maybe it's b/c I currently need some job-related therapy (was recently passed over for a promotion based on purely office-politics reasons) and the brootz may fill that need.

    Anyone played one of these? I am wondering if I can anticipate something more like my current experience with the Liverpool, or more along the lines of a Metal Zone.
    My gear list:

    Guitars: Epi Les Paul w/ BG Dark Buckers; '06 MIM Fender Strat; '89 MIJ Fender/Squier Tele; '90 MIJ Fender Strat; Seagull S6
    Amps: Vox AC30; Fender Champion 600; Vox Pathfinder 15
    Pedalboard: CS-2/Fulldrive II/SD-1/DD-20/DD-5/Behringer verb/Fish & Chips/Ernie Ball VP/TU-2

    Mandolin: Loar LM-520

    Keys/Synths: Korg Triton; Korg TR-Rack; Roland SH 201; Yamaha MM6; Yamaha DX7; Mac Powerbook w/ Komplete Elements 7, Vanguard; Reaper; Reason; Korg Electribe ES-1

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    broot it up breau
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