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    Since the Stones are my favorite band, one more lesser-known song.



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      **************** it......hug your pillow tight.

      Donate musical instruments to inner-city kids.


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        Yup - he was tired of all the guitarslinger BS and just wanted to play. And he wasn't afraid to put his heart on his sleeve and let the most raw emotions he was feeling come out. The record is all the better for it. It reeks of honesty. And it's definitely one of my top twenty albums of all time.

        It's top 10 for me. Eric Clapton and Duane Allman? Fuhgettaboutit.


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          BTW... Thread title totally = great album title.... or record label

          And yup... don't know what the hell Jeremy had going on during that time period, but good grief there's some really strong stuff on that Fire Theft album. I wish I could sing... and if I could, I wish to hell i could sing with as much passion has he's got going on in Heaven once it kicks in.

          You on the other hand are lucky... you've got the voice with that vocal power... can't wait to hear the music that comes outta this.


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            Aw, man. Thanks.

            And the new hooahs record is actually called "Clean."
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            Originally Posted by pasteface

            I want to Make a sound like on doors where It Gose PPPPPPPRRROWWWWWNNNN like a Bridg falliing Apart and When it Ecchoes


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              Black Math Horseman

              or if you want brutal and sad/agonizing give that newest Indian a spin...
              Originally Posted by conky

              I wanna take that rig behind Zaxby's and get it pregnant.


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                Sorry to hear that, man.

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                Originally Posted by Akridosity

                A woman with 5 f-holes is not common.

                Originally Posted by RuinedToday

                i want to ufkin g divorce her withan axe goodnighht



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                  Aw, man. Thanks.

                  Ha NP. Wasn't trying to kiss ass or anything. For me when I've got **************** like that built up in me, I want to badly to just let it out... like a blood letting so it doesn't just churn and churn in my head, but it's difficult for me.

                  I can sometimes get that out with playing... but I never seem to be able to channel it to produce a cohesive musical piece.... let alone something where I've been able to express myself with my own words and voice.

                  Those of you here on the board that can do that... mad props, I'm jealous...

                  ....and you all suck


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                        Maybe to lighten it up a lil bit. This was on TV tonight... I remember watching it as a kid and being torn up just from the sound..... oh yeah and the fact that Snoopy was leaving.

                        Ironically... some interesting lines in the lyric


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                          HIGH FIDELITY REFERENCE

                          so obviously Belle and Sebastian

                          and this song
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                            Good Deals: Hangwire, mhuxtable, Travybear


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                              mayonaise made me cry on the ride home the other day. :|

                              Yeah, I feel you there. That song gets me just about every time.

                              Also, to stay on topic, this:


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                                Good call! hil:

                                Harry was brilliant. That's the one that got all the props, but this one is equally sad IMHO... and it has one of the most melodically incredible bridges ever written.


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