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What Kinda Cables Do You Dudes Use?


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    I may be headed back to EA Monorail when their new plug comes out though

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      mogami 2524 ie gold series, 25' guiter to board, patch all goeoge l's, 10' spectraflex original to amp...
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          Quality cable (usually George L's .155 or .225) and pancakes from http://www.speakerrepair.com/page/product/PandJ-allplugs/32-232x10.html
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          I want to Make a sound like on doors where It Gose PPPPPPPRRROWWWWWNNNN like a Bridg falliing Apart and When it Ecchoes


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            Cheap hosa pancakes crapped out fast. Switched to George L's and experienced exactly what you've already discovered. Switched to those 6 inch fender or "local shop branded" cables with the chunky metal jacks. They take a beating and last longer than anything I've tried so far. I rip my board apart a lot and they survive.
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              Bespeco. Never had a problem. Flexible. Small.

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                Klotz funk- or rockmaster patchcables... not cheap, but they a really sturdy... no problems in all the years... as instrument calbes i had a vovox (broken) and some monster.... i didnt buy cables for a long time, next time i'll check out some selfmade sunn or mogami. Dunno.
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                  I tried the George L solderless and didn't like them so for short patch cables I bought the ones they keep n the counter at GC and have been happy with them. I also have some short patch cables from Dimarzio and my guitar to board and board to amp cables are Dimarzio. These have lasted for years.
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                    I make my own out of Canare Cable and Neutrik connectors. Have yet to have one fail because those neutrik connectors have really excellent strain relief. No stress on your solder joints.


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                      Cryptosonic brand. Gepco and switchcraft ends for leads, lava mini and gls pancakes for the board.


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                        Exactly this.

                        Yup. Except I meant gls, not ghs...

                        AaronSS turned me towards them; I give him the credit.
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