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Dear HANGWIRE......Please make a Fuzz

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  • Dear HANGWIRE......Please make a Fuzz

    Appwire, Hangdrew, IVwire... whatever you call yourself these days, please make a fuzz in a lego enclosure for chatcrue.

    maybe like this.


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    dead thread is dead. sad to see such a good parroty thread go unnoticed

    but yea, yngwire, that would be awesome.
    YᵒᵘOᶰˡʸLᶤᵛᵉ OᶰᶜᵉRobopimp wrote:Chat crüe is srs crüeFor Sale: Ibanez DML-10, Boss TW-1, Boss FZ-2/3Good deals with: Duderanimous, Overwhelmed987, Jules-RM, DoubleBarrel, HotRats, Fusion1, IRG, barney steele, Aaron SS, Urinate Forever, Raintes, crowquill, Blakemore Effects, Aimmar Cair, lefort_1, killthelights, 9720575 (CHUCK!)