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Your top 5 favourite fuzz pedals of all time! AKA fuzz appreciation thread


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    Midfi Demo Tape Fuzz

    Blackout Effectors Musket

    Catalinbread Formula no. 5 (not true fuzz, but has fuzzy characteristics and gets pretty fuzzy if hit in front with a clean boost)

    Skreddy Lunar Module Dlx

    Blackout Effectors Mantra
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      Vox Fuzz built-in Ultrasonic

      ZVEX Sparkle Fuzz Factory

      EHX vintage Muff Fuzz Crying Tone Wah

      1972 Fender Blender

      TOSS-UP between my 3 Big Muffs: vintage Deluxe Big Muff Pi (reverse graphic with series switch), NYC RI with Ronsound Hairpie Classic mod, or Tone Wicker

      I don't really categorize the following as 'fuzz' pedals, but if they were they'd be runners-up: EHX Hot Tubes (both reissue and original), EHX Tube Zipper, EHX vintage Graphic Fuzz...

      And though he isn't a pedal, he is the King of Fuzziness!!!!


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        as of right now:

        Penny Pedals Fingerprint

        Death By Audio Armageddon (clone)

        LAL 88-Super-Oscillo Fuzz

        mid-fi clari(not)

        devi ever Never Drive
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        It works perfectly as much as it is surprised to be an old model.
        As for the thing 30 years ago, it can't think of it.
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          Quote Originally Posted by Fender&EHX4ever
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          Vox Fuzz built-in Ultrasonic

          Dude, is that a bottle opener between the 'Bigsby' and the bridge???

          My top 5:

          1. BATW Pharaoh

          2. Tonebender MkII (made by Lowbrow)

          3. Shoe Deluxe Silver Apple (made by V)

          4. IC Muff (made by Mike in 1/2 of my Dream Box )

          5. Mid Fi Demo Tape - but really only like it in my bass rig

          Originally Posted by Naterel

          Itchyfingers gets my vote, his pedals scream class

          Originally Posted by bird turbo

          I have a kid like that in the band I play in at my church. I just wanna kick in his little face.

          Originally Posted by Poltergeist

          it sounds like a pitbull is eating the Universe.


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              1. NYC Big Muff

              2. Baja Tech BoneBender

              3. Red Witch FuzzGod

              4. Fuzzenstein

              5. NAO The Roar

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                Quote Originally Posted by ItchyFingers
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                Dude, is that a bottle opener between the 'Bigsby' and the bridge???

                I know right, it totally looks like a bottle opener... the perfect GBV guitar.

                It's actually a wah wah


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                  That I've played:

                  1. harmonic percolator

                  2. spaghetti western fuzz

                  3. civil war big muff

                  4. boss fz-2

                  5. black russian big muff


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                    Whores. Facebook bandcamp

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                    Originally Posted by pasteface

                    I want to Make a sound like on doors where It Gose PPPPPPPRRROWWWWWNNNN like a Bridg falliing Apart and When it Ecchoes


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                      Frantone Peach Fuzz

                      Baldwin Burns Buzzaround

                      EHX Tall Font Green Russian Big Muff

                      Devi Ever US

                      Zvex Woolly Mammoth
                      ARC Effects
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                        Demo tape fuzz...
                        Originally Posted by Naterel "All bands suck period"


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                          eqd dirt transmitter right now....
                          Formerly known as Spoonie G.



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                            not too much overlap yet

                            zvex fuzz factory

                            shin-e fuzz

                            big muff (various versions... not sure if that's a sign of consistency or not)
                            Near Grey


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                              FY-2 -> FY-6

                              FY-2 -> FY-6 (tone 2 mode)

                              Good deals list


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                                Early 70's triangle Big Muff

                                EHX English Muff'n

                                Univox Superfuzz


                                Sonic Boom by Acid Fuzz