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Your top 5 favourite fuzz pedals of all time! AKA fuzz appreciation thread


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    I feel I don't yet know fuzz enough to be a real conesseur, but I just got a Hudson Mr. Soul on trade that is beautiful sounding.
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      Subdecay Flying Tomato

      Fuzz Factory

      Devi Ever ShoeGazer

      Shoe Silver Apple

      Sanford and Sonny Bluebeard


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        In no particular order:

        Peppermint Dark

        Fuzz Factory

        Pink Flesh

        Fuzzfaceless MkI

        Woolly Mammoth
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          BAT Pharaoh

          Basic Audio Spooky Tooth

          Boss FZ-2

          Lovetone Big Cheese

          zvex Mastotron


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            Foxx Tone Machine

            Jordan Bosstone

            Shin-Ei Companion

            Big Muff Pi

            Fuzz Factory


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              Foxx Tone Machine

              Jordan Bosstone

              Shin-Ei Companion

              Big Muff Pi

              Fuzz Factory


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                out of the ones i've owned, and in no particular order.



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                  Right now:

                  1. SUF Classic '72 Triangle Muff

                  2. SUF Civil War Muff

                  3. Make Sounds Loudly - Cornish P2 Clone

                  4. Wren & CUff - Caprid

                  5. Wren & Cuff - Your Face Germanium

                  That was tough. I left out a lot of stuff I really like Fuzzhugger Algal Bloom, SSBS TAFM, EQD Hoof, Fuzzhugger Ab-synth, Skreddy Cog Dis, Wren&Cuff Tri Pi, SUF Classic '73 Ram's Head,
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                    1. '69

                    2. fuzz factory

                    3. basic audio lucky number

                    4. big muff

                    these are the ones i've kept so they must be my favorites

                    5. basic audio spooky tooth - probably should have kept this one
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                      Quote Originally Posted by goodhonk
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                      Can't believe I forgot to mention this pedal considering I use it almost every single day


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                        Right now the Russian muff is currently my main dirt and will probably stay so for some time to come. Other than that, my favorite fuzz tones have come from the voodoo labs superfuzz, the Blackout Effectors Fix'd Fuzz, and the Eric Johnson Fuzz Face.

                        I'm planning for my board to have either a merkin or a fix'd fuzz, a BAT Black Forest OD and probably some other dirt box as well.


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                          I've learned over the past year that Tonebenders are my preferred fuzz. My new RRRSBoxes MKIII clone is my favorite, So versatile.


                          Next favorite is my old, ugly Demarco Electronics MKII clone. Lots of zippery sag to it.

                          Then the Barbara Trifecta and Skreddy Supa Tone. The Supa Tone only has a small range of useful settings for guitar, but that sweet spot is great.

                          I love a particular setting on the Scratchy Snatch side of my Monsterpiece 2-headed Monster. The notes articulate well with a perfect fuzz underneath that sustains as the note begins to decay.

                          The Catalinbread Perseus has some great heavy tones with one and two octaves down. Combining that with various other effects like subtle fast vibe, and deep reverb brings heavy doominess.

                          Loved the Lunar Module, as it goes from great distortion to sweet fuzz tones. Recently sold it because I have all these other fuzzes I'm using more, and was able to get a good price for it on Ebay. Great pedal.
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                            1. Green Russian Muff

                            2. Fuzz Factory

                            3. Fuzzhugger(fx) Algal Bloom

                            4. Secret Seasons Snowdrift

                            5. Malekko Omicron Fuzz
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                              Quote Originally Posted by goodhonk
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                              Your demo of this sounded great I remember. I want.

                              My list

                              1. Colorsound Fuzz Box (original, would love to try the DAM/Sola one sometime)

                              2. SolaSound/DAM MK1.5

                              3. Fuzz Factory

                              4. Creepy Fingers Doomidrive

                              5. Fuzzrite

                              (6). BAT Revelation Superbass

                              (7). Penny Pedals Fingerprint
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                              were space maturing.


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                                Rotosound fuzz (on the way)

                                Kay Fuzz (REDesign clone)

                                Monsterpiece NPN

                                Univox Super Fuzz

                                Buzzaround (wish I owned one)

                                the list could go on
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