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Eventide Space Problems?

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  • Eventide Space Problems?

    So, after playing with the Space for a bit I have noticed some issues which I'm wondering are unique to my unit or common:

    1. On some algorithms certain volumes / frequencies overload the reverbs, especially those with long decays, so I get distortion/crackling in the reverb, as if there is not enough headroom. I'm not clipping on the input - it's something that happens in the unit itself.

    2. While the unit is bypassed, and switching between patches, I hear a second of audio bleeding in of the transition to the new patch. This happens on any of the bypass modes other than true bypass. If I play while switching patches in bypass, I will get a snippet of reverb from the transition.

    Would love to hear if you guys have the same issues while I wait to hear back from Eventide.

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    i don't have either of those problems.

    for no.1 you can try adjusting the overall volume for the patch? but you seem to know the pedal enough to have tried that.

    no.2 is what concerns me more, i'd get the pedal swapped for another from the store you got it at.
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