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I wanted to learn more about 'doom' music...


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      Nice to see some love for Yawning Man.
      A keystone of the scene.
      Donate musical instruments to inner-city kids.


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        Listen to Pallbearer.

        Have done. Did like. Will seek more.
        Good deals list


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          The only doom you'll ever need

          Good deals list


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            Eagle Twin is a fantastic Doom band. If you also want classic doom, Electric wizard is the way to go.

            these are exactly the bands I think of when someone says doom
            but I wouldn't disagree if someone wanted to call Sunn O))) doom as well.
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              Yawning man is definitely cool. I would love to see them live. I don't know about all these genre labels but they sound like good old instrumental rock with an experimental side.


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                Welp, I really think that band Sunn o))) in the first post was really bad. I like noise stuff too. Oh, well. Seems like a really silly act they put on as well, like Spinal Tap. Or maybe its like a musical Jeff Koons... who knows... but I thought it was so bad I felt compelled to type out some sort of message...
                Originally Posted by Naterel "All bands suck period"


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                  Sunn O))) was really pwoerufl to me when i was first getting into conscious altering substances. very cool for that but quite boring to me when im sober.

                  i'd love to play sunn amps and EGC guitars tho for a living. seems like the easiest performance ever.


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                    Just reading a news article on them

                    Do these guys ever play shows in the UK? They look/sound crazy, I feel I need to see them play

                    They toured the UK (well, played three dates) in June and employed a quadraphonic surround-sound system. .It was pretty cool, although I find the outfits and 'creepy' vocals a bit silly.


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                      Cant believe the almighty SLEEP havent been mentioned


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                        If you want doom, listen to omega massif.

                        or sleep.

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                          What I've learned is that there is no genre. Its more a mindset. Big amps, FUZZ,No pussy drummers allowed. THE RIFF RULES ALL. I like to think of it as if the 80's, 90's, 2000's never happened. Bands that pick up where sabbath, blue cheer, deep purple etc. left off. No rules METAL

                          I dig these guys.

                          and this

                          http://soundcloud.com/infinite_fluxNew crappy band, Infinite Flux


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                              The best EWiz album in my opinion. Light up a doob or two and by the end of the album your mind will have fallen out.
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                              Originally Posted by -Assy-

                              Okay I summed up this entire thread in three posts. Let's go home and beat our children.


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                                I think of doom as a lot more metal/heavier than stoner rock like Kyuss or Sleep (who sound very Sabbathy).
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