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    Quote Originally Posted by Cirrus
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    Whenever I hear Mono Beatles recordings it makes me angry that they made them stereo at some point and thought it was better.

    i picked up a mono (american version) rubber soul recently. rubber soul (british version in stereo) was always at the bottom of the list of enjoyable beatle albums for me. it has been an eye/ear opener listening to it in mono and also the selection/limited songs on the american version is superior to the british release. (yes, i understand the beatles were upset about it and thusly made the butcher cover to make a statement)


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      Quote Originally Posted by 9520575
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      I was obsessed with the song help for a period of time. Um

      I'm better now, I enjoy it like a normal person now.

      John thought that Help was one of the best Beatles songs.
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        Yes, sometimes 60's records sound better in the original mono mix. And some of the stereo remastering thru the years have been disastrous.

        In the 80's when I was building up a Beatles vinyl collection I inadvertently bought some old mono copies -now I'm happy about it.

        Pink Floyd's 'Pipers' in mono is an ear orgy.

        St Peppers definitely sounds different in mono. Dig the hand flanging on Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. 4:47



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          Soooo good.

          I have the mono box set on my computer. Best way to listen!

          I've just seen a face is a great driving song with the windows rolled down.


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            good call phil. listening while at work now
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              My favorite Beatles maybe.


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                The alternative possibility for the reference is to Ryde, on the Isle of Wight. John and Paul once took a trip up there, hitchhiking part way, to see Paul's cousin, who owned a pub in Ryde.

                The land of Melx, who just had a birthday BTW


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                  great album, but george's contributions weaken it.
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                  Originally Posted by Naterel

                  I dunno, my glasses were dirty from slider grease thats why my vision was blurry.

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                    great album, but george's contributions weaken it.

                    Seriously? I love "I Need You", one of my favorite Harrison ditties


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                      It's nice to see some Help! love. It's always been one of my favorite Beatles records. I like both the US and UK versions, but I grew up on the US version so I'm used to those cool instrumentals that were on there. It was an original copy my Dad had so I don't know if that was mono or stereo.

                      I listened to Sgt. Peppers in mono and though it was amazing. It really freshened that one up for me because I think that is one where the stereo version has that ****************ed up panning going on. I always hated that ****************.
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