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    Quote Originally Posted by BHz_econo
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    I do too since i was around 4 heavy smokers growing up. I rmemeber it looking like a pool hall in the house. I try to get a chest X-ray often.

    My mom smoked for aroun 35 years though.

    It runs in the men in my family on my mom's side. Smokers and nonsmokers alike.
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    Originally Posted by christianatl

    It's new butt **************** day.


    Originally Posted by misterstomach

    i don't know if i'd want to go on tour if i wasn't going to do anything i could get arrested for.

    Originally Posted by .homewrecker.

    If there is only a few dB diference between 30 and 100 watts then it works both ways, why are you getting on my **************** for using a 100 watt amp when a 30 watt amp is practically just as loud just has less balls?


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      ^ I've been the oldest male in my family for a few years now. I am 36, and I ****************ing hate cancer.

      Stay healthy, bros.

      Originally Posted by Naterel

      Itchyfingers gets my vote, his pedals scream class

      Originally Posted by bird turbo

      I have a kid like that in the band I play in at my church. I just wanna kick in his little face.

      Originally Posted by Poltergeist

      it sounds like a pitbull is eating the Universe.


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        I just smoked a lot of weed
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          Cold turkey really is the way to go. I tried with the gum once, which only increased my dependance on nicotine. So I kept smoking for a bit, then just quit. Got down to 2-3 a day, then only smoked when I was drinking for a bit, then just stopped doing that (the indoor smoking ban in NC really helped out with that).
          Originally Posted by DunwichAmps

          meh. more fuzz and dist


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            Try the patch. I did and it worked. Going on 10 years without a smoke.
            Originally Posted by mdrake34

            I still don't know what the **************** a haunting mids is, but what I do know is that I have never seen such an assortment of sandy, stinky, sopping wet vaginas e-assembled in one place in my life. It's like 300 The Decision-era Lebron's fighting over fuzz pedals.


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              I just smoked a lot of weed

              Weed is often a gateway drug OUT of harder addictions.

              Some additional strategies for successfully quitting smoking include giving yourself rewards, both short term (perhaps daily or weekly) and longer term (a month, 6 months). Utilize your desire for particular things, such as gear, and use it as an incentive that you won't buy a particular thing until X number of days passes.

              Slips and relapses are often tied to negative emotions, so have a plan to more effectively deal with these situations.

              For some people, cold turkey works, for others, warm turkey (a step down approach).
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                Originally Posted by Naterel

                I dunno, my glasses were dirty from slider grease thats why my vision was blurry.

                pretty wife


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                  just quit cold turkey. Best way, that's how i did it.


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                    i smoked for 3 years and quit cold turkey, going on... 15 weeks i think tomorrow

                    just don't smoke
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                    Originally Posted by B.Renegades

                    I suppose a 1 channel amp would be good if you listened to only one kind of music.

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                      All the E-cig smokers I know love 'em because now they can smoke indoors and all the time around everybody and get away with it.
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                        SafeCig worked for me, keeps me off the real ones, except if I run out. That's the downside, you're still strung out. I made myself a deal that once I drop the weight I put on the last time I went cold turkey, I'll quit again. What I did was, I quit for 2 years, gained weight, then ****************ed up and started smoking again. I ain't putting more weight on. I've lost 15lb, 10 more to go and I'll grit my teeth and do it. Meanwhile I suck on the nicotine dick.
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                          just go cold turkey chomp. easiest/best way imo.
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                            I haven't smoked a single cigarette since august. When your done your done.it feels good

                            People I know with the e thing still smoke, real cigs mixed with that thing.

                            August man, can't believe I did it...you can do it...

                            Cold turkey....oh and coffee to, because it was to much of a trigger
                            Originally Posted by Naterel "All bands suck period"


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                              I just smoked a lot of weed

                              I quit that more or less, when I'm stoned is the only time I ever get a slight craving to have a cigarette.
                              Originally Posted by Naterel "All bands suck period"


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                                That's what I used, and I'll be cigarette free for three years this March. However, I can NOT recommend Chantix. I had massive roller coaster emotional swings while taking it, and after stopping. It did definitely decrease my desire for cigarettes though, and made it much easier to quit - it's just that the side effects are horrendous.

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