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The Boring Thread: Tuners


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  • The Boring Thread: Tuners

    What tuner are you using? I'm looking to buy one.

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    the Korg pitchblack poly tuner... I wouldn't recommend it
    that's just, like, your opinion, man.


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      Boss TU-2, they're cheap used, won't ever break and get the job done.

      The only thing I would fault it on is it doesn't track notes as fast as other tuners I've used.
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        sorry I cant be more helpful
        ain't got a sig no more


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          Boss TU-3. It works.


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            Quote Originally Posted by starmansam
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            sorry I cant be more helpful

            I wish I was a hard ass.


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              I've really never had any issues with the TU-2, which can be had for around $40 used at this point because the new version is out


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                Pitchblack. Works well and looks stylin'.
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                  TCE Polytune that I got on sale a year or two ago. I enjoy it and find it very easy to use.


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                    The GFS GFT-90 with LED's that could knock out the sun. Other than that, my tuner on my PODxt.

                    People that tune by ear never use really bizarre tunings.
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                      Another TU-2 user here.
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                        I used to have a Turbo Tuner but recently switched to a polytune mini due to smaller footprint.


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                          TU-2 since forever


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                            Head stock clip tuner. I own several, sold off all my pedal tuners. They work and I will never own or waste board space on a pedal tuner again.
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                              Korg DT-10

                              There's nothing wrong with it, it's comparable to the TU-2.

                              If I was to buy again I'd go for something smaller and maybe with more features - polytune etc.