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Your favorite nut and why?


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  • Your favorite nut and why?

    For me its the Macadamia... followed by the Pistachio.

    And nothing makes me angrier than the peanut filler that plagues my mixed nut basket.

    please, share your love for nuts...

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    If I'm having a glass of Savagnin with some Comte, I want walnuts... Yum!

    If I'm drinking a good pilsner? pistachios.

    In candy or pie? Pecans.

    In a smoothie? Peanut butter.

    For general snacking? Cashews, almonds, or hazelnuts.

    In other words, I love nuts, so pretty much anything will do.

    I do like Macadamias, but they're a bit too rich for me in both taste and price to buy them for myself.

    Brazilians are my least fav, but I'll eat those also.


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      Munching: pistachio

      Cookies: walnuts

      Cooking: peanuts

      All good and interchangeable though.
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        macadamia, almonds, and cashews are the money nuts.


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          Cashews:The money nut
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            Gotta be cashews.

            Besides from being the best thing ever, they grow in completely retarded way, like a fruit taking a dump.

            EDIT: Can't believe I've come out of my perpetual lurking just to say that.
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              Walnuts and almonds for me.


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                  wasabi almonds, peanuts.

                  im sort of allergic though so I don't eat many at a time. 1 or 2.. it's quite boring, i know.


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                      I was gonna make a joke about my favorite place to nut, but all the options were pretty crass and heavy handed, so I'm not gonna.

                      almonds, especially smoked almonds are great. I like brazil nuts quite a bit as well. and pistachios are good... yup.
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                        Peanuts are probably my overall favorite nut but I love hazelnuts, cashews, and almonds as well.
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                          I *cough* like most nuts, but cashews are my fave. Been on more than a few honey roasted peanut binges, though.
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                            Dead Soldiers


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